Sorry To Have Disturbed You Folks. We’ll Be On Our Way Now If That’s Alright. But If You See Jimmy…

Last Updated on: 4th June 2021, 05:00 pm

A few years ago, we had a very sketchy next door neighbour for a while. He had a lot of very sketchy friends, a good number of whom had trouble finding his apartment. Several times I answered our door and was greeted by a very confused individual who I then had to redirect down the hall. Most of those people were friendly enough, but with sketchy guy’s knack for pissing people off, I sometimes wondered if one day the people in this story would be us or maybe the guy who lived on the other side of him, who also got his share of lost visitors. Had that happened, I could only hope that our encounter would turn out much like this one.

According to police, the residents of a Kipling Street home were watching TV around 7:15 p.m. when they heard a loud noise from a door being smashed open.
Two men entered and one of the suspects held a hammer over the occupants’ heads.

The suspect who was holding the hammer demanded money that was supposedly owed to him.
Police say the pair soon realized they had entered the wrong home, apologized, and even offered to pay for the damages.
They left the home without further incident.

But even if they did end up being that chill, they would have still wound up like these fellas did, because I too would have called the police. The police, in turn, would hopefully have done something like charge them both with break and enter, mischief under $5,000 and possession of a dangerous weapon, just like happened here.

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    1. Oh lord.  the probably fake pizza guy.  I think we did almost get home invaded that time.  They were super insistent that he lived at our address until I came out from down the hall and asked if there was a problem here.  Then they were nothing but apologetic. “Oh, so sorry.  We have the wrong place I think.  Do you know Where Matt lives?  Sorry to have bothered you this evening.”  I think they really did realize it was the wrong place, because it’s not as if I’m intimidating enough for anyone to think “oh shit, this guy’s going to beat me up.”

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