Did You Say We Needed Honey?

Once again, Steve sent me a story about bees that made me squirm.

It appears a guy went grocery shopping, but when he came back to his car, the back seat was full of bees, and I do mean full. There were 15000 bees in the car who had just started to swarm.

What amazes me is he managed to get in and start to drive before he realized that he was not alone and asked for help. How? Did they all go quiet for just long enough for him to get himself in?

I remember when one bee flew into our car and somehow flew under my seated butt when I was super small. Suddenly, I was upside down in my seat belt and my mom wondered what was wrong with me, and then saw the bee. I can’t imagine sharing a car with 15000 of them.

Luckily for him, there was an off-duty firefighter who is a beekeeper too, so he came and wrangled all the bees with minimal upset.

That’s…a lot of bees!

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