Here Comes The Ba Da Ba Ba Bride

I have nothing much to say about these people who got married at a local McDonald’s. I’m really only posting this so I can make that title joke.

But since I’m here, come on, CTV. The best you could come up with was “McWedding vows”? Step it up, guys.

Anyway, congratulations to the happy McDoubles.

The fast-food chain offered the micro wedding to two couples who couldn’t get hitched during the pandemic.
The Hammonds say McDonald’s has a special place in their hearts as it’s where they met 14 years ago and where they currently work together.
“It’s where we met, like all of our kids were born while we were working at McDonald’s,” Stephanie said. “I was pregnant with our first and we nicknamed him Little Mac, it’s just a fun little nickname. And yeah, by the time we came out of the hospital that was the first thing we grabbed … McDonald’s is always a go-to.”

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