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Last Updated on: 19th April 2018, 01:55 pm

Gill is thinking happy thoughts and memories of her grandma today.

As for an answer to her question, it wasn’t a specific place, but I remember when I was young my grandpa and I would often drive around to nowhere in particular while chatting about nothing in particular. On the way to nowhere in particular there was always a store from which we would buy chocolate milk before getting back on the road. It was a simple thing, but it was nice. Now and then grandpa and I still talk about those days. Hopefully we get a chance to do it again sometime.

I often talk about serious issues in my blogs, but today I’d like to cheer all of you up out there. So, why not sit back with a cup of something warm and I’ll walk you down memory lane to a place I went to as a child.


When I was little, I went over 100 miles away to attend school for the blind. Each Friday I would look forward to getting into the van and heading home. When I started at the school the bus company did not do door to door service, but instead would drop me around thirty miles from home. I would often hope that my maternal grandmother {Doris Hewgill} would come meet me at the stop.

The Delightful Spot

My grandmother had a knack for making things like my journey home fun. Half way between the bus stop and home was a little roadside mom and pop place owned by a German lady. It would be here that my grandmother would have tea, and I would have soda and something called an Orange twist. In case you’re wondering, an Orange twist is an oddly shaped orange colored doughnut. The place itself had a homey atmosphere that might make one think of a German village restaurant. My grandmother and I came up with “The Delightful Spot` as a name after hearing it on one of the cartoons I watched.

That Was Then

The calendar has rolled over thirty times and my grandmother has since passed on, but sometimes if I’m out somewhere I still think of that little place.


What was a favorite place you enjoyed going to as a child, and is it still around?

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