Free Interrogation

The saying goes that there’s no such thing as something for nothing, but try telling that to the lucky fellows in Mississippi who recently found a free car.

Not only did an anonymous donor offer up a vehicle complete with keys for the taking and not ask a thing in return, but he was also kind enough to include a bonus dead guy in the deal, no strings attached.

Wait. Did you say bonus dead guy?

Yes. Yes I did.

According to Copiah County Sheriff Byron Swilley, a body was found inside of a vehicle in Copiah County.
Sheriff Swilley said a man drove the vehicle from Byram to Copiah County but realized that there was a body inside the vehicle’s trunk.
Coroner Ellis Stuart said two men found the car in Byram with a “free car” sign on it, with the key inside. They drove the car to Copiah County and looked inside after arriving at a family member’s home.
The body has been identified as 34-year-old Anthony Mccrillis. Stuart said his body had been in there for several days and was found without clothes.

That is seriously one of the creepiest things I’ve heard in a while, mostly because I can think of a few people in my life who would probably drive off in a free car without stopping to think hey, that’s weird.

But I also can’t help but be impressed with whoever did this. How does it not happen more often? It’s completely brazen and there’s no way it should work, but it shows a solid understanding of human nature and it’s not surprising that it would, at least for a while. While somebody else is doing all of the explaining, you’re in the wind.

Great job, awful person. I still hope you eventually rot in a free jail, though.

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