Sweet Home Alabama, Lord We’re Losing To The Flu

Last Updated on: 27th October 2021, 09:58 am

Not a lot of good news right here if you live in the state of Alabama or have any sort of attachment to it.

Not only are people of all ages dying of preventable illness left and right thanks to a barely over 40% COVID vaccination rate (41.6 at the time this article was published), but statistics are starting to come out from the times before it was quite so preventable, and woe.

According to 2020 data presented by State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris, for the first time in history, the death rate has outpaced the birth rate. It’s not close, either.

“Here in Alabama, we continue to see deaths at a really high rate. … 2020 is going to be the first year that we know of in the history of our state where we actually had more deaths than births — our state literally shrunk in 2020,” Alabama State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris reported during a press conference on Friday.
In 2020, data showed that 64,714 Alabama residents died and only 57,641 were born. Even in World War II or the 1918 flu pandemic, there was never a time that deaths exceeded births, Harris added.

“It’s certainly possible that could happen this year as well if we continue at the same rate that we’re seeing now,” Harris noted.

Let me say this one more time. In the entire recorded history of Alabama, this is the first time this has happened. Alabama, in case you aren’t good at geography, is a State in America. America, in case you aren’t good at news or history either, is a country that loves few things more than sending folks to meet their doom at the slightest hint of international provocation.

But don’t worry, it’s just a cold. Probably a fake one dreamed up by Democrats. Freedom!

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