If You’re Waiting For Your Health Card or Driver’s License Renewal Notice In The Mail, Don’t

I saw this on the news on Thursday, but I’m not sure how widely the word is being spread.

If your Ontario health card, regular driver’s license, or license plate sticker expires after March of 2022, you won’t get your renewal reminder in the mail. Instead, you have to sign up online to receive digital reminders. They’re doing this to save paper, and money. It’s not a terrible idea, but hopefully no one will slip through the cracks. People just expect those paper renewal notices to come. Hopefully they start letting people know more insistently.

I’m still not sure of two things:

  1. What about Ontario Photo Cards? They say they’re interchangeable with driver’s licenses, but this renewal reminder thing only applies to certain types of driver’s licenses. So, will they still send paper notices for the Ontario photo cards?
  2. and

  3. If you don’t have the internet, can you just call Service Ontario and do it over the phone?

Because I’m a weirdo, I signed up for mine already. It was pretty easy. I just needed the numbers on the front and back of my health card like I needed for my proof of vaccination. Then I checked whether I wanted to receive texts, phone calls or emails, agreed to the terms, confirmed my email address, and boom. It was done.

So there’s your weird tip of the day…or week…or something.

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