A Whole New Wordle

So…this Wordle thing…I talk way too much about it. After I discovered the ways to make it accessible, I excitedly told mom and dad about it. Of course, they already knew. So on days when the Wordle is super hard, I’ll get a text about it. I got talking about it to friends, and I think I’ve gotten 3 of them hooked. People say Wordle is the new Sudoku. I could never figure out Sudoku. I tried and tried and tried! At least I have success with Wordle!

I was worried about what would happen when it moved to New York Times. I was worried the accessibility wouldn’t follow. I was wrong to worry. So far, so good. But what didn’t follow was my stats! Boo! I had a sweet streak. Oh well. I know the truth. My streak is unbroken!

I heard about this song, and then my friend found it and sent it to me. So, so, so very true!

I hope this Wordle thing lasts for a long time. I’m weird and try to do it on the phone while taking the dog for a crap. One of these days, I’ll drop my phone in the snow doing that! Wouldn’t it be funny if the Wordle word of the day was “Drift” or something like that?

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  1. It’s a neat game, but I’m not sure if I’m going to set it up for myself. Oddly I have more fun teaming up with you on it than I think I would on my own. If left to my own devices I’m sure I’d do it for a bit, then miss a day for some reason and that’d be it.

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