Do We Not Say Flashback Friday Anymore? And Not Quite Early Enough There, Guys

I just watched a story on the news about the Ontario Liberals promising to bring back grade 13 in order to help make up for some of the learning loss caused by the pandemic. Not the worst idea depending on how it’s done, honestly.

But I can’t focus on it because of how the anchor introduced it.

“It’s like throwback Thursday, but on a Friday,” she said.


Come on, guys. Everyone knows that throwback Thursday on a Friday is called flashback Friday. Maybe not the uncontacted tribe who killed that one guy for getting too close to them, but everybody else…they know that.

There is also wayback Wednesday, but I’ll cut anyone who doesn’t know that one some slack since I’ve rarely heard it used outside of radio stations looking for an excuse to play a few extra old songs back in the 80s and 90s.

Flashback Friday, though. I just can’t get over that one eluding a bunch of writing and broadcasting people. Are they not being properly educated or am I just really damn old and missed it falling out of favour or being deemed offensive for some reason?

And while I’m talking about the news…

That story you just ran here on Friday at almost 6 damn 30 in the evening telling us all to get Sunday’s Mother’s Day flowers nice and early because of supply chain issues, next time maybe slot that one in for like four-five days ago. That would have been helpful.

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