Afrolicious Ethnic African Cuisine

It seems that Gill has found some tasty African food in Hamilton and wants to share.

When you think of African food, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?  Do you picture just little bowls of cornmeal or rice?  You’re wrong!  Africa is a diverse continent with foods as diverse as her people and the influences brought by traders and colonizers.

Afrolicious Ethnic Cuisine offers a western style café with foods so deliciously exotic you will think you are in Johannesburg or Nairobi. 

What Did I have?

I opted to have something that I had not really had since childhood.  I ordered chicken on skewers (kabobs for the uninitiated).  I also ordered chapati, a flat bread known more to India and Pakistan, however due to Indian influence on places like South Africa and Kenya, it joined the family of foods.  Unfortunately they didn’t have chicken for the kabobs, so I tried the lamb.  I have not eaten much lamb in my lifetime, but this was a reminder of something my dad made. It was grilled to perfection!  Suddenly, I was transported back to a family BBQ from when I was less than ten. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  Lamb on skewers!

Let me tell you also a bit about the sauce. It was part spicy part sweet, but not overwhelming. 

What country’s food would you like to try for your next food adventure?

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