It’s Full Steam Ahead! Now Go Sit In The Parking Lot

Last Updated on: 1st April 2023, 08:50 am

Businesses returning to normal capacity will not be inspected for social distancing
Was there confusion over this? Why, if so? It sounds pretty clear to me unless the new dictionaries or the Ford government have different definitions of the words full and capacity than the ones I’ve been using all my life.

The reason we had capacity limits in the first place was to make the distancing requirements possible. So if we aren’t limiting capacity anymore, why would you expect to have to distance people? And how would you even do that? Repurpose broom closets and washrooms? Maybe you might have to sort out whether you’re operating one of the high risk establishments, but once that’s done, where’s the problem?

If the confusion is on the customer end, that should also be simple enough to fix. If you’re one of the businesses that either has to or is choosing to keep limits in place, put up a sign saying so. That should do it for all but the sort of person who has probably graced some of our less flattering pages in the past.

If this is all somehow harder than it looks, let me know. But I keep seeing this coming up as news and I seriously don’t get it.

Businesses that were given the all-clear on Monday to return to normal capacity levels will not have to worry about inspectors checking for proper social distancing.
As of Monday, establishments across the province that check for proof of vaccination before letting patrons inside — this includes bars, restaurants, casinos and gyms — no longer have to operate at lowered capacities.
“Capacity limits and physical distancing requirements are no longer required at the vast majority of settings where proof of vaccination is required,” said Kitchener spokesperson Bethany Rowland.
“City bylaw staff continue to follow directives from the province and are not proactively inspecting facilities where these limits have been lifted.”

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