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I would ask what kind of person would try drinking hand sanitizer to beat a breath test, but I think most of us know the answer. And if a few of us don’t, the circumstances will explain everything.

Also, her last name seems appropriate.

Nutter, from Beverley, admitted drink-driving and using a vehicle likely to cause danger of injury on April 7.
The court heard a cop spotted her “swerving violently all over the road” in her white Suzuki Swift and ordered her to stop.

All the tyres on the car were flat and the windscreen was smashed and had two noticeable impact marks.
There was also dried blood on a rear door and a smear of blood on a front headlight.
Nutter’s eyes were glazed and she twice refused to provide a breath sample.
She eventually blew 52mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 35mcg.
Recorder Alex Menary told the court that Nutter had put hand sanitiser in her mouth in an effort to reduce the alcohol reading but it did not work.

A good hand sanitizer, according to the article and some Googling I just did, contains anywhere from 60 to 90% alcohol.

It sounds like she may as well.

The story also notes that Nutter nearly went to jail a year earlier for possessing crack and heroin with intent to supply. I shudder to think what she ate to get out of that one.

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