Another Letter

I have nothing to say here, only that Gill has spoken of this grandmother at least once before.

Doris Mildred Jean Macmurchy-Hewgill August 31 1923- June 22 2003.  This was my grandmother, and so much has changed in my life since she passed nearly twenty years ago.

Dear grandma
I am writing this to thank you for several things.

Thank you first for giving me a love for cooking, I never thought I was overly good at it, but I get compliments on recipes I have made.

Thank you also for making me curious about where our ancestors came from, and curious to travel back across the ocean to see the cities and towns they lived in.

Thank you for the snow globes you often brought me from places you had been, now in just over a month Heather and I get to go to a town ripped from one of those globes.

I am also thinking of a promise I made to you just before you died.  How happy you would be to know that not only have I accepted Jesus as my Savior, but I am also heavily involved in church activities.  I will confess it’s not the Presbyterian church like you brought mom and them up in, however it’s Jesus.  I thank you for your devotion, and how you just seemed to look to God even when the cancer got to its end stage.

I think of you the most whenever I am volunteer preaching, cooking, doing other church stuff. Heather also fondly remembers how you put something about Robby Burns in her birthday cards.

We all miss, and think of you.  Mom still whips up your “famous” sweet potato casserole, one of my favorite things.
Love Gillian Rose
PS In the new year I will be working on a committee that does charity work through my church.  The hats, socks, mittens, et cetera have inspired me.

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