You Can’t Spell Pinellas Without PENIS

It says here that this fellow is a middle school social studies teacher. Not sure how any of this fits in with social studies, at least as I remember them. Perhaps he should look at switching to law. He may be a subject matter expert fairly soon.

Deputies said Schroeder was spotted by a neighbor while he was walking with no shirt and his pants pulled down towards his knees. The neighbor told authorities Schroeder’s sexual organs were exposed as he walked around her parked vehicle.

Schroeder then continued to expose himself as he walked out of the parking lot and headed towards an adjacent road. When he returned, authorities said Schroeder was completely nude.

Authorities said Schroeder could be seen holding and rubbing his exposed genitals on the railing of the condominium’s stairs and thrusting his hips against a pillar of the apartment building.

When asked why he was doing what he was doing, Schroeder allegedly told police that “I cannot explain it.” He should have just said “this is Florida, man.”

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