You’re Playing With The Big Boys Now

Last Updated on: 7th April 2020, 02:50 pm

Ryne Anderson is a special kind of dick who needs to pay for what he’s done, even if he’s only 18. People who already do the things he’s done are headed down a bad road…a road that his lawyer, DeWayne Johnston, is obviously quite a ways down.

The story goes that Anderson was dating a girl, and then they broke up. But then I guess he decided that he wanted her back, but figured she wouldn’t have anything to do with him unless he said he was in trouble. So he milked it to the fullest. He first told her that he was in trouble and needed help. Then he told her that drug dealers were watching him, and if she didn’t give him what he wanted sexually, the drug dealers would hurt or kill him, her, and her family. She believed this, and gave him what he wanted.

Then her parents found out, I think, and charges for young Mr. Anderson were soon to be filed. They were filed in juvenile court, but once folks kind of realized that the crime was of a sexual nature, and death threats were involved, off he went to the big man’s court. But his lawyer is screaming that it should have never gone there, saying that the story was not believable. He also thinks that it’s preposterous that what he did was a crime.

So let’s break that down. He says it’s not believable. It’s not believable to whom? I may not fall for a scam, but someone else might, and just because I didn’t buy it doesn’t make the scam any less criminal when someone believes it. Should the people who scammed John Rempel not be charged because he was dumb enough to keep giving them money? Of course they should be charged. Should all those psychics who scammed people walk free because their victims shouldn’t have given the money? Of course not, that’s ridiculous! So, what makes this any different?

And how is it preposterous that threatening someone and their family with death or injury is a crime? That sounds pretty criminal to me. I don’t care if he didn’t really mean it. He convinced her, she was threatened, it’s a crime.

Good luck avoiding gross sexual imposition charges. If you didn’t want the risk of life in prison, you shouldn’t have threatened your ex to make her have sex with you. What, you want to cry like a baby now? Then maybe you shouldn’t have committed an adult crime. I feel no sympathy. I hope you like meeting real drug dealers in jail. And I hope you lose your case in spectacular fashion because of your spectacular loser of a lawyer.

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