I’ll Take Just Because All These Words Are Here Doesn’t Mean I Have To Quote Them For $200, Ken

Just a quick note to all current and future Jeopardy contestants.

If there is a category with a name that’s like 7000 words long, it is completely fine to not say each one of those 7000 words every time you ask for a clue.

Using tonight’s episode as an example, there is a category called “a decade of number one hits tells a story.” There are longer ones, but that is a long category name. But do you think that any of these people shortened that thing down to something like “hits for 200” or “number ones for six”? No, they did not. And this annoys me.

If no one has, I need somebody to compile some stats on how much time is wasted and how many clues go unplayed because of people who insist on yammering on for a hundred years every few seconds simply because they absolutely must say what’s on the board. It has to be more than zero. It has to be.

It could be worse, I suppose. One day some clown could try to rattle off the entire name of one of those “Hi, I’m Fred Wilson from Action News 7 and today I’m here at the…” categories. Although I kind of wouldn’t mind hearing somebody try to do that once. Just once, though.

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