Reach Out And Touch Yourself

I’m not sure whether I haven’t been paying the sort of attention that I should be paying or if Adam Smith is opening up new frontiers in the obscene phone call space, but this is new to me.

A Florida Man admitted that he was naked and masturbating when he dialed “numerous random phone numbers” and exposed himself to unsuspecting strangers who answered his video call, according to police.
Investigators have charged Adam Smith, 35, with indecent exposure and obscene communication in connection with three illicit video calls made earlier this year.
One victim told cops that they answered a call and “observed a white male, completely nude, squatting in front of the camera while stroking his penis.” A probable cause affidavit notes that while the victim was “shocked,” they “managed to take a screenshot of the defendant.”

That screenshot showed tattoos that police recognized from prior arrests, perhaps including the one for a more conventional indecent exposure in 2019.

Adam, Adam, Adam! How do you not cover those up? Use your head, man! Well…ok…you’re right. You were. Can’t argue with that. But maybe next time try using the other one, too.

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