They Didn’t Relish Paying So Much, But They’ll Like It Even Less When The Cops Ketchup With Them

Not condoning this whatsoever. These guys probably shouldn’t be seeing sunlight for a decade or two. But $6 for a hot dog? What the hell, man?

Jeremy Delgado, 21, and Bobby Wynn, 19, were arrested after APD officers spoke with witnesses at the scene and reviewed HALO cameras in the area of the incident. Through a witness account, the affidavit said the Delgado pushed the vendor to the ground following an argument over the price of the hot dog — $6 — and then he and Wynn “punched and kicked the vendor several times.”
Another witness said Delgado started yelling at the vendor about the price, and then it “got out of hand,” the affidavit said.

Out of hand, it appears, may be in the running for understatement of the month. Things got out of hand enough that the hot dog gouger was left with life-threatening injuries including a lacerated liver and a massive head wound that took several staples to close.

The two suspects ran off to hide following the incident, but their freedom was short-lived. Officers quickly caught up with them, and noticed that although they appeared to be uninjured, they were somehow covered in fairly fresh looking blood stains. There was also the small matter of one of them being spotted trying to hide his bloody shoes in a nearby car, you know, like innocent people do.

Both were charged with second-degree felony aggravated assault. Wynn, the one stashing the shoes, was also hit with a count of tampering with or fabricating evidence, a third-degree felony. Their bail was set at $25,000, which is a lot of hot dogs even at $6 a pop.

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