At Least He Was Keeping Himself Clean

It’s totally a stereotype and I know we’re all supposed to be better than that now, but be honest with yourself. When you hear a name like Giovanni Impellizzeri, you probably have at least one of two thoughts:

  1. That’s a mobster.
  2. I bet he could make some pretty good food.

I can’t speak to that first one, but if even a little bit of this is true, put me down as a hard no for the dinner party.

Impellizzeri posted “extremely disturbing videos” to Telegram, prompting several tips to be sent to officials with the Elizabeth F. Moore School in Upper Deerfield.
As detailed in a shocking probable cause affidavit, videos obtained by police showed Impellizzeri using “various utensils and items from the school to wipe his penis, testicles, and anus.” Additionally, he could be seen “masturbating and urinating on pillows and kitchen bowls” and spraying bleach on cucumbers later served to students.
As if that was not revolting enough, Impellizzeri allegedly used “multiple pieces of bread to wipe” his anus and genitals “before putting the bread back into the container to be later served to children” at the public school.

Other details are light, so we don’t know yet why any of this was happening or for how long. He had worked for the district as a custodian since 2019 though, which means it could have been a while. So I guess if you’re looking for a bright side to all of those COVID school closures a few years back, you’ve probably just found it.

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