Shockingly, I Can Breathe

A photo of the NasoCalm nose massaging mask.
Let this zap you for 15 minutes a day.

There’s almost no chance that I would pay actual money for this based on concept alone, but I have enough trouble with my nose on a daily basis that I would for sure try the hell out of one if somebody let me.

Although described as a massager, the NasoCalm doesn’t work like the Therabody Theragun or similar devices that vibrate against the skin to help relieve sore muscles. Instead, inside the nasal mask there are six electrodes that send electrical impulses into the skin to make muscles around the nose and nasal cavity contract, similar to the electrical signals the brain sends out to make us move.
Its makers claim a 15-minute daily massage of “nasal acupoints” with the NasoCalm can “improve nose circulation and promote muscle contractions,” which will, in turn, help relieve congestion and clear airways so users can breath easier.

Users can select five different levels of massage intensity on the mask itself (there is no smartphone app connectivity). While the NasoCalm does produce about 55 decibels of sound while it’s running, that’s comparable to the background noise in the average home. A full charge provides enough power for up to 3.5 hours of continuous use, although mileage will vary depending on the intensity of those electrical impulses.

The company also claims that it can relax you while you’re using it, although nothing about the idea of a mask shocking my face sounds relaxing to me in the slightest.

The lack of smartphone integration is definitely a point in it’s favour, if you ask me. the last thing I want is another damn app in my life, especially when all I’m trying to do is breathe. No need to complicate things.

If you think you might like to pay actual money for one, they’re taking contributions on Kickstarter right now and hope to start delivering this March.

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  1. Aaaaaa! It’s nose squeezies!

    Oh dear. I’ve said too much.

    But seriously, it reminds me of that creepy ad for that EuroSpot place that has the zappy chair that you go sit in that somehow rebuilds the strength in your pelvic floor. Eek!

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