There. Now It’s Broken

If I was ever going to flip my lid over something like this, it would be one of those times when you get a pizza and find that they didn’t cut the slices all the way through. I hate that!

Subway worker Cassandra Pierre-Louis told sheriff’s deputies that De Barros, a licensed building contractor, “became upset with her after finding out that his sandwich was not separated,” according to a probable cause affidavit.
Following a “brief verbal exchange,” Pierre-Louis said, De Barros “began causing a disruptive scene.” After the Subway worker announced that she would no longer be serving De Barros, “the sandwich was thrown at Ms. Pierre-Louis.”
The sandwich–which struck Pierre-Louis in her “mid to lower body section”–is not further described by investigators.

Conservatively, I would estimate that I have eaten somewhere in the neighbourhood of a gazillion subs in my lifetime. Amazingly, I don’t remember ever getting an unsliced one. Not even in the small town I used to live in where half the time the people working at the Subway didn’t seem to know why they were there.

Anyway, when police questioned Alberto De Barros, who they tracked down thanks to the Subway lady getting a photo of his license plate, he admitted to being irritated by his sandwich not being cut in half, but said that he threw it at the counter, not her. Security footage, however, showed otherwise.

He was charged with misdemeanour battery.

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