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01 Aug, Fri, 05:04:49
sasha bennington msn address

Um, why? She’s 11. Unless you’re 11 too, you’re a perv. Maybe you should go here. Maybe you belong there.

03 Aug, Sun, 06:31:03
Vince Weiguang Li, fuckin’ scumbag

Yikes! Someone has an opinion already. I don’t know what I’d call vince. Maybe deranged, or disturbed, or scary, but fuckin’ scumbag wasn’t on the list. I love it when people search for stuff and leave a statement of how they’re feeling. Or there are the ones who ask the search engine as if it might answer. Then maybe the searcher and the serch engine could have a conversation about it. Nope, not gonna happen.

I don’t have anything else to say. Those two searches stood out at me, so I thought they deserved a post.

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