Fruit Smash, Hopes Dashed, You Don’t Get Your Cash

Wow. There are going to be some pissed off people right about now. I guess somebody had a bad day with the printers, and a whole batch of Fruit Smash lottery tickets were printed wrong so it looked like they were winners, big winners. In the end, I guess what really matters is what happens when you scan the ticket, and in this case, the tickets still didn’t win, or won small amounts. but that didn’t stop people from flipping out. One guy was going to move his family out of their apartment and buy a house, put money away for his kids’ college educations and start living the good life. How he was going to do this on $135000, I don’t know, but he was. don’t get me wrong, $135000 is nothing to sneeze at, but um, once you buy a house, I think it’ll go pretty fast.

At first I thought that the Lottery folks should still pay the people what they were supposed to have won until I read the part about the tickets still scanning properly. Then I wasn’t so sure. But any way you slice it, it sucks for all involved.

Before I forget, here’s a little help for anyone who might be confused by what the machines say after you win and it says “winner!” It then says “Gagnant!” If you didn’t know, that is the French for “Winner!” The machine is not proclaiming that your last name is Gagnant, as one poor member of my family thought who will remain nameless. You can all start laughing now.

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