Not Everybody’s As Cool As Guelph

Wow! While I was busy raving about how awesome our voting process was, Jen, who often sends us ideas and stuff was having one hell of a horrible experience while voting in Hamilton’s municipal election. Here is what she said happened to her.

Well in the first place they didn’t have the accessible machines available on election day so I had to go to an advance poll. 

Once I got there the machine was a screen that you could touch. 

There was a keypad but the audio wouldn’t work. 

The polling clerk tried to set it straight and with no success she called the head dude. 

He said he’d be there but couldn’t say when. 

I waited a bit but when noone came she was like well you can go to your poll or I can help you do it now. 

I could have gone to my poll but there would have been no machine.  I said well I’m here now and want to vote so since she was good about helping I said ok. 

I asked if although the voice didn’t work if she read me the info could I press 1 2 or 3 on the keypad to enter my choice. 

She said I had to use the screen and that the keypad was only for changing the audio settings. 

I asked why they were not available at all polling stations and she was like we don’t have enough machines and it would take to much time to have them everywhere on election day.

That’s just bull. I know that in a lot of municipalities they’re only available on advance polls, but they should at least a. be available at every polling place that has advance polls, and b. all staff should be trained on how to use it so shit like that doesn’t happen.

Just disgusting. I hope she raises some hell over that. And I hope she keeps us informed on what happens. Jen, don’t give up. Scream and fight, fight and scream.

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