New Guide Dog Journals Day 6

Today started off rather oddly. Tansy went out to do her business and all was well. Then I brought her back in to play with her bone. Chomp chomp went her bone followed by crunch crunch. Crunch? That’s not normal. Turns out that I had somehow spilled kibble, and the brat was eating it. Food refusal training to come, girly girl.

This morning’s route went really well. I think that’s the last time we go to that little coffee shop. One funny thing happened. I wanted one of those steamed milk drinks with the caramel or whatever. So I described it and she said they didn’t have it. So I asked her what they had that was hot but wasn’t coffee. What was one of the first things she says? Steamed milk with a flavour shot. So I said I’d have one of those while chuckling to myself.

Oh. We were assessed on our ability to control our dogs. Remember the instructor I referred to in 2007 as Paulo the stalker? Well he was there with his dog. Tansy got a timeout.

Morning route went well. Then I tried to read the braille for the gift shop but it was a. inaccurate and b. a little chopped up. Ah well it was fun. I also tried to help a couple people with their phones. I’ve gotta say there’s nobody in this class I don’t like.

One classmate and I decided we should try and get Rose something since now she has to do our laundry too. We’re trying to squeeze info out of long-time instructors about what she likes.

Two funny things that happened today: I think I made one of the newbies flip their lid. I mentioned the traffic check day. I’ll never forget the sputtered words “Um, did you say traffic check day?” Ah I remember those days.

Second, Adam got to make fun of me. As Adam just happened to be walking by, I said “I wonder if Adam is going to be a jerk today and distract our dogs again.” but I didn’t get far. After the word jerk, the teasing started. It made for a ride full of laughs.

After lunch, they taught us about the clicker. Yea clicker. Believe me it’s complicated and will take me a while. Then they took us outside, we crated our dogs and we did Juno clicker stuff. Man, it’s complicated with Juno but gets far worse with the dog. So many times I couldn’t click because I had the clicker jammed up in my hand, the same hand that’s holding the leash and harness too.

Oh. I’ve already messed up my dog a touch. Since I’m so worried about curb blowing, I’m tensing up just before curbs which is making her stop short of the curb. So my instructor started to use the clicker to fix it.

It’s interesting to watch. The dogs are starting to test us in different ways: walking them into stuff, veering, etc. Tansy is really being easy on me. I wish she’d start testing me and get it over with.

Next we went to City hall so we could practice stairs and elevators and moving turns and stuff. Finally it was back to the hotel, but not before squishing some part of Tansy in the car door. I fail. Luckily it wasn’t serious.

Back in the hotel I got in a little trouble for not locking my patio door. But the fact is I couldn’t. The thing was pretty much broken. So maintenance was called. Eventually they fixed it.

So tomorrow I get to see what Tansy thinks of boots. This could be a great big ball of fun.

After coming back from the vet program lecture, I heard from Trixie’s raisers. They’re going to come see me Sunday. Very awesome.

So tomorrow should be a long day. Remember when Saturdays used to be short? Nope.

Oh. All the people in my class swear I say aboot instead of about, and they think I say borrow funny too.

Alrighty, have to put away my laundry and crash.

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