1971 Was A Kellogg’s Year, According To Some Not So Great Musical Numbers

1971 was more than likely famous for several things I can’t think of right now, but above all, it shall always go down in history as “a Kellogg’s Year.” Don’t believe me? Just ask this obnoxious promotional record they made.

There are eight songs in total, ranging from just under a minute to just over two minutes. It wasn’t made for the general public, but for internal use, perhaps for the sales and marketing staff.

Track three, “Low Noon”, is easily the strangest part of the record. It’s a parody of Johnny Cash’s singing style and musical style, in which the lyrics make repeated fun of those who claim that that Frosted Flakes have little or no nutritional value. It predates snarky by a few decades, and it would be a bad PR move it was ever released to the public at the time.

Johnny Cash guy isn’t too bad at the impersonation at first, but he goes off the rails fairly quickly and spectacularly.

There’s also a song about Corn Flakes being the “American breakfast” and a rousing ditty about waking up to Rice Krispies, so 2 of the most useless cereals on the planet are well represented.

Serious question. Does this sort of thing actually motivate real human beings to do better at their jobs? There’s enough of it floating around to suggest it must do something, but I can’t possibly imagine what.

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