Break On Through To The Back Of The Electronics Closet

And now, the Doors’ Break on Through as performed by some old computer equipment.

Stick around for the part about half way through where the vocals, such as they are, kick in.

Devices Used
HP ScanJet 3C – Vocals
DECTalk Express – Vocals
Yamaha CX-5M Computer – Saw Wave Bass
Yamaha CX-5M Computer – Sine Wave Organ
Drums – Slamming Hard Drive Head
Cymbal – Striking Hard Drive Platter

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  1. who said a scanner couldn’t sing anyway!?

    1. I think the scanner has better range than the DecTalk.

  2. Yeah this poor soul hadn’t learned about how to make it actually sing…but hey, he gets a pass, he made hard drive heads and platters clang and scanners sing, so…

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