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I apologize in advance if this post doesn’t make a whole heap of sense. Every time I think about writing it, if my brain were a car, it would be spinning its wheels on ice trying to take all my thoughts and turn them into something simple to understand. I want what I write down to be convincing, but I’m not an expert, so I’m trying to take what I’ve read and synthesize it into something that makes sense, and I don’t have all the answers. But I guess I never will, so I just have to go with what I have.

I’m going to try the best I can to answer every question I can think of about COVID vaccines, so maybe, just maybe, I can convince a few people who aren’t sure about them to get vaccinated. I know I’m not going to convince anybody who has decided not to listen, but I hope maybe I can reach a few who have some questions and aren’t sure. Questions are good, so let’s have what counts for answers right now.

I guess I’ll start with the easiest

Do vaccines make you magnetic?
If they do, it hasn’t happened to Steve or I.
Seriously, no. There is nothing in the vaccine that could possibly make you magnetic. You are more likely to have magnetizing particles in your iron supplements or iron-fortified breakfast cereals, which are most of them. But you might have seen videos of people sticking spoons to the area where they got vaccinated, as proof that they were magnetically drawn to the vaccine area. The reason the spoons are sticking to them is due to something called Van Der Waals forces. Basically, either the person is sweaty, or that spot is especially smooth, so the spoon will stick there. Plus, spoons are usually not made of iron so aren’t so magnetic anyway.

Do the COVID vaccines contain microchips?
Short answer is nope. This one was fun to learn about. There are teeny weeny microchips being designed to allow for wireless monitoring of things like body temperature, but a. they can’t transmit their data through the air so someone would have to scrape an ultrasound wand along your body to check on their data, and b. they’re only sorta kinda trying them in mice so far. The point is no one could track you with these microchips. They would have to get so close to you that they might as well track you with the naked eye. If they wanted to embed a chip that had the capacity to send RF transmissions, they would have to use a way bigger needle. Even then, in order to read what data it could hold, which isn’t much, they’d have to get right up to you and wave an RF reader around. No, not conspicuous at all. Again, they might as well track you with the human eye at that point.

Can the vaccines get into your DNA and change it?
Nope, not according to everything I’ve read. This one was also kind of fun to read about. I love being able to answer with more than “pffft nope. Are you nuts?” Here’s the thing, as best as I can understand it. There is a big difference between RNA and DNA. DNA has the actual programming code in it to build cells and things and it needs to have contact with the nucleus. RNA is like downloading a programming manual, and the MRNA vaccines are like programming pamphlets about the spike proteins on this Coronavirus. RNA doesn’t talk to the nucleus, but passes on the message to the cell, who makes some spike proteins, which our immune system sees as an intruder and murders them. It never met the whole virus, just the spiky things on the outside. So if it meets the virus later on, it goes “Ah! Spiky things! I’ve seen you before! Chaaarge!”

But the whole changing your DNA thing came from somewhere, but that somewhere was the wrong place. Some actual viruses, like HIV and HPV, do their reproducing thing by invading the cell’s DNA and sticking themselves on any old place they can find a spot. If that causes cancer, the virus doesn’t care. It got what it wanted and made some viral friends and now it couldn’t give two craps about its host. But this is what a virus does, not the vaccine. Vaccines are designed to only function long enough to teach the immune system a lesson about what to do in the future, and then they get to find out how good a student the immune system was by being devoured by it.

The funny part is there’s a chance that the full-fledged coronavirus has the ability to slap itself onto your DNA and integrate itself into your cells, although there is disagreement. But its vaccine can’t do that since it doesn’t get into the nucleus. If you’re worried about growing a tail, all the more reason to get the shot.

why did they choose MRNA anyway?
For a few reasons. First, MRNA vaccines can be created rapidly, which is what we needed because people were dropping like flies. Second, using MRNA means we don’t have to inject people with actual virus, either weakened or dead. We just have to give our cells the recipe for the spike proteins. Third, hopefully this will help make mutated versions of the virus still recognizable to the immune system, where if we used the whole virus, then it might not recognize mutations.

How could they whip these out so fast?
This is the most reasonable question there is. The answer is a whole mix of reasons. First, this post explains a bunch of them. It’s the whole idea that tons of people came together because we all needed this vaccine and pooled resources like they should do a lot more often.
Second, some of these companies, like Moderna, had already done a bunch of research on vaccines because of the original SARS virus, so they just had to tweak it to fit this virus.
Finally, in the case of the MRNA vaccines, there has been MRNA work for years for treating stuff like cancer, so it’s not like they dreamed it up out of nowhere for this vaccine. We just didn’t hear about it. I think they were under pressure to get something out there, but for the most part, I think they pulled it off pretty well.

What’s the point of getting vaccinated if you can still catch it and spread it?
Believe me, it’s frustrating to think I’ve done all of this and maybe I could still catch COVID or give it to someone else. But the research seems to be indicating that if a vaccinated person does catch COVID, most of them are not sick at all and find out they have it when they are required to get a test for some reason, or they feel kinda crappy for a couple of days and that’s that. If an unvaccinated person catches it, they may get that lucky, or they may end up dealing with after-effects for months, end up in the hospital, end up in the ICU or die. The data coming in seems to indicate that of the people being hospitalized, 96 percent weren’t fully vaccinated. The latest stats indicate that Yes, very few vaccinated people have ended up in the hospital or died from COVID, 7525 out of 164 million in the U.S, or 0.004 percent, but usually there’s a reason for that. Their immune systems are fighting other battles so didn’t learn the lesson the vaccine came to teach them, or they’re just worn down because the person is extremely old. The sucky part is they took a chance on the vaccine and still kind of lost, but if they hadn’t gotten the vaccine and they caught COVID, it would have been even worse. Some of the ones that only ended up in the hospital after vaccination may have died without it, and the ones who died anyway certainly would have died if they weren’t vaccinated. But for most people, the outcome is definitely better if you get the vaccine.

It’s kind of like wearing a seat belt while riding in a car. It’s not going to save you from everything, but your chances of reducing harm in an accident are much higher than if you were thrown out of the car at high speed. Just read this graphic description of what happens to the non-seat belted. Being unvaccinated is like being non-seat belted. If you run into COVID, you will have the greatest chance of the worst possible outcome. If you get vaccinated, or wear your seat belt, you may still get hurt, but less so.

On the spreading side, research is constantly changing because this is an evolving thing, but it seems like if you’re vaccinated, you spew less virus if you do happen to catch it, the chance of which is way lower. So you can still spread it, but for less time and to less people, and the more vaccinated people there are, the less harm this stupid virus can cause. If you spread it to another vaccinated person, chances are they get a sniffle and feel like garbage for a day. Whoopdy doo. That’s what we want, to turn COVID into Whoopdy doo as much as possible.

Finally, if you’re vaccinated, you kill it off faster, which means it’s less likely to mutate, which means it’s less likely to make a variant that says “I spit in the face of your immune response!” If you’re not vaccinated, it can have more time to use your immune system as a training ground to make a bigger badder better version of itself.

I don’t want to be part of an experiment.
Then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. You are already part of one. Anyone who chooses not to be vaccinated is part of the control group, i.e. the ones getting no protection and letting nature take its course. A lot more of them are winding up in ICU’s and hospital beds than those in the experimental group, i.e. the vaccinated. What was the number I mentioned above? 96 percent locally were not fully vaccinated?

So and So died right after they got the shot.
And what was also happening with So and So? I knew someone who claimed they passed out due to the vaccine. We came to find out that the passing out happened two days after vaccination when she went out and lounged on a beach in the hot, hot sun. Correlation is not causation. There have been adverse events that happened to people, definitely there have been. But we are all very complex human beings and it’s hard to know exactly what happened. Maybe someone was super anxious about getting the vaccine, got it, and then had a heart attack because of the stress. Did they die after getting the vaccine? Yes, but it was caused by something else. Many many people have gotten vaccinated, and there has not been a massive influx of people winding up in the ER. Of course, check with your doctor to see if you should get it, but if you have anything resembling a functioning immune system, you should be fine.

I’m going to be infertile if I get vaccinated!
Nope. If you’re a woman, the immune system’s antibodies won’t go after the proteins used to make placenta. They’re not as similar to the antibodies as they might look. And if you’re a guy, your little sperm are just as swimmy as they were before. But you know what can mess up your hormone balance? Being thwacked to the earth by a COVID infection. That’ll do it for sure.

what about the blood clots?
This one is a bit of a risk-benefit analysis. There’s a chance that you could get a blood clot from at least one of the vaccines, about 1 in 100000. But if you contract COVID, which gets easier and easier to do, especially if we decide to just let things go back to normal, your risk of blood clot, among many other things, is much much higher. If you contract COVID, even if you don’t go to the hospital, your chances are 1 in 100 that you’ll have a blood clot.

Why do you care? You got vaccinated.
That’s not how vaccines work. Getting one isn’t like having an impenetrable shield that COVID hits with a clang and falls to earth. It depends on as many of the community as possible getting vaccinated so that the virus can’t spread and mutate. The more of us that are vaccinated, the stronger that shield gets, but one vaccinated person is only as protected as his neighbours. There are a few people who can’t get the vaccine, and for their sake, the rest of us need to get it so those people are less likely to encounter the virus.

Picture one guy with a garden hose trying to fight a wildfire. The poor fellow doesn’t have a prayer. But if we all get out our hoses and cover more area, we might be able to slow down the fire, and if fire pops up again, we’ll still have enough hoses to control it.

Or picture the different armies commanded by different countries. Some countries have all the fancy weaponry. They have nukes and missiles and big ol’ guns and drones that can be controlled with a weird video game interface. Some countries aren’t so lucky. They have some ships and some planes, but their bombs and missiles can’t reach as far. Other countries are less lucky still, and have some used navy ships sold to them by other countries. Maybe they have a dude with a big rifle sitting up top trying to pick off what he can.

All of the armies go to a training exercise teaching them how to detect a new enemy and defeat it. But even with these lessons, some of them will sustain more damage before they fight it off than others because a rifle bullet will do less damage than a targeted smart bomb.

I am one of the countries with the less efficient ships and planes. Your grandma might have the used navy ships. For the sake of us, the more allies we have with nukes around, the more chance the threat can be eliminated before the less equipped armies’ defenses have to mobilize. But if your armies don’t go to training school, they won’t recognize the virus, which is like allowing spies to get in, learn about our defenses, and find ways to circumvent them. Please be our allies.

We should just aim for herd immunity.
Yup, and the way to do that is with vaccination. I don’t want to live in a world where we do it naturally. Have we not learned anything from the last 18 ish months? Exposing people to a full blast of COVID doesn’t end well for many of us, even though it works out to a small percentage of everyone who has been exposed. But a small percentage is still a huuuuge number of people. *breaks out calculator*
our world’s population is 7.9 billion.
The number we need to infect to reach herd immunity, if the figure of 70 percent of the population is to be believed, is 5.5 billion. But it may be higher because I’ve heard 80 percent and 90 percent thrown around. But let’s aim low and see what happens.
of those infected, usually 20 percent have cases that are serious enough to wind up in the hospital. That’s 1.1 billion around the world. That’s a huuuuge number of people who technically recover but are dealing with lingering symptoms, a huuuuge number of people who have new conditions, a huuuuge number of people who could die. About a tenth of those, so 2 percent of overall infections, die. That’s 110.6 million.
Yup. That’s “A lot of fucking dead people.”

And while we’re reaching this herd immunity by fire, our health care systems are stretched so thin that people with non-COVID problems can’t be treated because there is literally nowhere to put them.

We haven’t even come close to herd immunity. Currently, we have had 203 million cases around the world, and 4.3 million deaths, and look at the problems we’ve seen. Why on Earth would we choose the natural herd immunity route when we have a much more painless way to get there?

The 1918 flu went away on its own. Won’t this one do the same?
Yes, given enough time and enough carnage. That flu managed to infect up to a third of the world’s population depending on the source of stats before it went away. But our population is at least four times as big as it was then and many times more mobile. Nobody was flying around the world in 1918. It still spread because of soldiers on ships, but I think it would spread even faster now. I think the only way back to something resembling normal is to get as many people vaccinated as humanly possible.

I just want to wait a little longer.
Serious question, but what are you waiting for? 4.4 billion doses of vaccine have been administered around the world. The only thing I’m seeing is a stark difference between the number of vaccinated versus unvaccinated people landing in hospitals and a much smaller death count. And the longer you wait, the more inconvenient it will be to get your shots. Right now, there are all sorts of mass vaccination options open to you. But as the demand drops, they will start to close down. If you don’t believe me, take it from this doctor here. You can still get them, but the options won’t be so plentiful. Right now, you don’t even have to book your appointment. More often than not, You can just walk in and say you want your covid shot and they’ll give it to you. But soon, you’ll have to go to your doctor to get them.

So this is the part where I get down on my knees and beg anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated. Please get your shots unless you absolutely positively can’t. You will be helping to move us out of this mess. It is the one thing we can all do to bring back our lives, and I really want mine back.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, read this message from that same doctor. She summed up very quickly a bunch of what I spent 13 hours or so writing.

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  1. Wow. You did a really good job on this. I’m glad you wrote it. Whoever runs this place really ought to pay you more. Something in here is sure to help somebody somewhere make the right choice.

  2. None of the reasons listed above address why I’m vaccine hesitant. It seems to me like you’re just issuing statements on ridiculous claims spreading around your echo-chamber as if that is what vaccine hesitant people say.

    • Do vaccines make you magnetic?
    Idiot speak… Do you think people actually believe this nonsense?
    • Do the COVID vaccines contain microchips?
    Idiot speak.
    I do believe that there is a discussion to be had about the upcoming health chips which will be able to detect COVID among other morbidities before they’re serious. While the tech is incredible it is worth having discussions over just like we do when a self-driving car chooses to run over an elderly instead of a child. Discussions about progressive technology is important.
    • Can the vaccines get into your DNA and change it?
    No, we all know this. Only recently have we started to be able to run tests on deceased vaccinated people. What we’re finding is the cells with new RNA are running throughout the whole body. This is alarming, and unintended.
    • How could they whip these out so fast?
    The whipped it out fast because it’s been in the works for years. >>Why was it not used for the flu before? Because the side effects caused by mRNA vaccines in testing have been bad if not fatal.
    • What’s the point of getting vaccinated if you can still catch it and spread it?
    This one I agree and disagree. The COVID vaccine does work, and does a fantastic job of protecting the elderly. The problem comes with the higher loads carried by the vaccinated. A vaccinated individual may not realize he/she is carrying and emitting COVID. An unvaccinated individual may feel fine – to very bad. They’ll most likely be aware they are ill and naturally remove themselves from society. Like bycicle helmets vaccinated individuals with protection are more likely to take more risks and spread COVID. Only the elderly and at risk should have been vaccinated.
    • So and So died right after they got the shot.
    If you apply your logic to COVID deaths then the number of COVID deaths falls incredibly low. If only 6% of people died from COVID alone then the numbers totally change. We inflated the numbers purposely in order to be sure we didn’t overload the hospitals (I’m not complaining about this). The logic-gap here just shows how hard you’re trying to warp your vision.
    • What about the infertility and blood clots?
    These should be objective to the individual. While cases are rare everyone has different issues in their health. Clotting is most likely to happen in areas with a lot of Capillaries. This puts your testes, or ovaries at risk. Clotting is also not expected to happen right away. The problem with the vaccines spreading through the body is spike proteins causing small blockages. We may not see a lot of the clotting cases rise for a few years, but as forensic studies are done on the vaccinated diseased we are finding more cottage and cell wall deterioration. Check out cardiovascular issues in Israel. The younger you are, the more likely the vaccine is to cause issues. The vaccines were designed for a respiratory virus, and studies only discovered the cardiovascular risks after they were released for Emergency Use.
    • We should just aim for herd immunity.
    Herd immunity can not be reached through vaccination. Reasons include variants coming from the vaccine. Vaccine waning. Animal repositories. Look at Gibraltar which is ‘116% vaccinated’ somehow according to the CDC – currently on no fly list due to record high cases.
    Iceland is now talking about quitting vaccination and attempting herd immunity.
    Look to Israel. The countries that were vaccinated first are skyrocketing in cases, and many are passing up future vaccination. While you’re looking also check out Palatines numbers. What is happening there? Why are the top vaccinated countries in the world seeing higher cases? Why are the some of the lowest vaccinated countries seeing lower cases? If the issue is the PCR testing which the CDC just claimed to be inaccurate then we have another problem to fix. This definitely may be the case with the PCR testing being run at a much higher threshold for the unvaccinated than the vaccinated. Much like your argument for co-morbidities on unvaccinated people dying, why are we fudging data on PCR tests only on one side?
    • The 1918 flu went away on its own. Won’t this one do the same?
    This is why eastern countries are only vaccinating the elderly and at risk. Stop the creation of variants, and protect those who need protection the most. Instead what we get in the west is selfish people screaming to be vaccinated with little to no regard for vaccine usage. If you remember a year ago there were these Black Lives Matter riots which were all about the establishment taking advantage of minorities. Big Pharma is the establishment and they’ve taken advantage of you. You made them very, very rich. In doing so are putting elderly at greater risk. Thankfully the vaccine works well for them, and lets hope their booster shots do not interfere with any complications or medications they require.
    • I just want to wait a little longer.
    I’m waiting to find out if the water under the bridge you all jumped off is safe. It appears we’re currently safe from ADE, but I’m waiting for Flu Season to find out. Prions can take years to come about, but they’re a massive risk. If even one of the trillions of proteins your body produces folds incorrectly you can call it over. Like you said, I’m the control group.

    I’ve had COVID, and it lead to long COVID. I did not require any hospitalization. I’m very happy to accept these side effects, play it safe, and ignore Ontario’s absolute dehumanization and disregard for autonomy. If Ontario mandates Vitamin D, exercise and healthy eating we can definitely chat again. COVID is here to stay, forever. Look only to the White Tailed Dear population to see there is no escaping the virus. This is not Polio, and we can never fully irradiate it. So I ask you all to stop forcing your way of life onto those who choose to wait for long term research which is impossible top have with-in 2 years of a novel virus.

    Well done writing this in a polite manor. Please recognize I have a ton of respect for your way of putting things though I think you need to talk to hesitant people before you write an echo-chamber article on why they shouldn’t be hesitant. Too much of Ontario is attacking the unvaccinated. The term plague rat is being used, and it makes the unvaccinated see how evil many of you are. Nazi’s called the Jews rats, and calling people Plague Rats while you take away their rights to transportation among other things screams of what we’d all consider evil in history. You will not win your fight by bullying the strong willed, and only forces us to buckle down harder.

    Surely much of what I’ve written will be controversial. We have the issue of always being able to find articles filling our bias. Happily I read your take in hopes of new information. Your friend, ‘u/coarsing_batch’ recommended this from Reddit, and it was very kind of them. Unfortunately he only solidified my thoughts on not getting the vaccine even more.

    Looking forward to seeing how those life-long booster shots work out with your now altered immune systems,
    -Control Group Anon

    1. I’ll let Carin say her bit if she feels she needs to, but I can absolutely tell you that her reason for writing it is precisely because she did talk to hesitant people, some of whom are extremely close to both of us.  I’ve witnessed some of those conversations myself and I can tell you for a fact that this isn’t just stuff from an echo chamber or things she made up to try to make fools out of the other side.  She has her opinions obviously, but they do come from somewhere beyond her own bubble.

      1. Oof. Do they believe the chip and magnets nonsense? Unfortunate. Glad to hear the conversation isn’t in an echochamber and that I am wrong on that assumption.

        1. The magnets were a new one for me when Carin brought it up, but the chips, I hear that one all the time.  And sadly I only have to go 2 degrees of separation from a hesitant person in my own family to find someone who believes it.

          1. One big problem we’re facing with the information suppression is that information is being spread onto other platforms like BitChute. While we separate the conversation people on the unvaccinated side of the spectrum are being fed BitChute’s algorithm which leads them to videos of magnets, QAnon, and so on. It makes it really hard to decipher truth, and forces us to use a lot more effort (which is probably why we come off so stubborn). I’m sure I get things wrong due to this too. By squelching the opposition we’ve given power to those looking to take advantage everywhere. Similarly, the best way to preform the scientific method is to debate and not to stop scientists from testing. We are pretty sure E = mc² because we’ve tested it, and tested it, and worked to disprove it but time and time again it comes back that E = mc². This is not being done with the vaccines, and those who do get access to test it are ending up in difficult to reach locations like BitChute, and so on. It’s hard to decipher the truth when it is so muddied – whichever side of the coin you’re on.

  3. Thanks for all your info. I appreciate you taking the time. Yup, I definitely heard about the chips and the infertility and the DNA-changing. I appreciate that there are other reasons for vaccine hesitancy. Those were just the ones I heard about from friends and relatives. Maybe you can explain the mention of flu season though. I legit don’t understand how the COVID vaccine could influence flu season. I understand people think people’s immune systems might be out of practice, I guess, from not being out wallowing in flu last year, but if the viruses are different, how could the vaccine mess up your response to flu? Thanks for the dialog. I appreciate it.

    1. Hey Carin,

      Glad you responded, and looking forward to some discussion. It’s rare to be able to discuss with-out it boiling down to attacks and name calling.

      Definitely follow up with some virologists here. The fear is that the mRNA may mess with your immune system. As you know these vaccines use mRNA, or viral vector in comparison to the Novavax which has been delayed (Another reason I don’t trust the current system). The Novavax is a traditional vaccine, and the one I am holding out for if I do decide to take it.
      There are a few risks in play like cytokine storms and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement. *Both of which the vaccine companies have said they’ve thought through ahead of time. I take issue with that because we can look to Moderna, AZ, of Pfizer’s history and see a clear multi-billion dollar trail of corruption. I do not trust that those who put knowingly asbestos in kids products will take such care of my health under contracts of absolutely immunity. Please note that there are other risks, but they take longer to show and we’ll only know with time. I expect to be vaccinated by then,

      The cells holding the mRNA programming were supposed to stay in the injection site, but we know now due to autopsies that the vaccinated cells producing the spike proteins are moving through the whole body. When a vaccinated individual comes into contact with a variant their body is supposed to output an immune response, but if your immune response is compromised by the programming of the new RNA then your response may not be adequate. I hope not, and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to anyone. If it does happen that the vaccinated are not adept at killing the new variant, the response wouldn’t stop trying and in the end be lethal. When you’re feeling ill it isn’t the virus you feel, but your body responding to it. That’s where booster shots come into play. Booster shots are an unnatural way of teaching your body about new variants. They’re doing the job in prepping you, but I’d much rather let my body naturally become immune as I have been. We don’t know what happens when these spike proteins move through the body on massive scales.

      By locking ourselves down we’re limiting our contact with germs. The reason you can exist around those with the flu and not become desperately sick every single time is because while going about your daily life you come into contact with small amounts of flu germs, and build a response. That is at least how are bodies worked for all of human history until now.

      That is my take at least. As I said in another conversation above due to the constant censorship it is becoming increasingly harder to find information, but I do believe the studies I read are done by ethical, independent scientists looking to perform the real scientific method of ‘Observe, Question, Hypothesize, Test, Gather Data, Refine, and Challenge again’. We know E-mc2 because we can test for it time and time again. We can challenge it, debate it, and prove it. I believe we should be using the scientific method to test these vaccines instead of censoring, belittling, or banishing anyone looking to test them. It is disguising that doctors can have their doctorates removed for talking out about ill-effects they’re seeing in the vaccine. That is anti-science, and much of what our governments are doing is.

      I try to challenge myself through dialogue and find out where I am right and where I am wrong. This is after the effects of a separated society. Slowly we drift apart in knowledge, goals, ideology, and morality until we have nothing in common but to fight.

      All in all I pray I’m wrong and that come a few years from now there will be no ill-effects, and everyone will live happy and safe. My promise to you is that I will continue to be cautious. I’m not going to parties and being a fool, and I’ll mask up if requested while avoiding operations that require masking in the first place due to fibers entering the lungs. Only the N95 charged technology works against COVID’s 0.1 nanometer size (which even the best HEPA filters in the world can’t filter), and it can only be worn for short periods of time. I can not afford to constantly be buying N95. Please watch for flu season and how they’ll blame the unvaccinated for variants. This will be the push to turn you against us, stop you from trusting us, and halt our discussion. The unvaccinated are not the evil plague rats we’re made out to be.


      1. This flu season is going to be an interesting one.  Last year there was extremely high demand for flu shots, and I’m curious whether that will be the case again this year.  I suspect that it will be higher than usual, but nothing compared to that.  Flu vaccines didn’t strike me as a wedge issue last year, so hopefully that will hold.  I’ll freely admit that I don’t have anything close to a perfect record when it comes to making sure I get that shot every year.  In fact most years I haven’t for one reason or another.  I think about it more now for selfish reasons (a lot of people in my life getting older), but it’s not something I tend to sweat much.

        I see your point about lockdowns and germs, but to me the lockdowns made sense in this case because we knew so little about the virus, how it attacked people, what it would do once it was in, who was going to have an easy time with it and who wasn’t.  In some ways it seems we still don’t, even though we know more about it now.  I shudder to think how much worse the hospital situation could have been had we not done that.  It was a tough measure, but one that I’m personally glad we took.  Hopefully we don’t have to do it again, and hopefully vaccines working as intended will be a part of the reason why.

        I’ll never slag anyone for having trouble trusting the drug companies.  There are obviously plenty of good, smart people with good intentions there and there’s no doubt that the world is better off with modern medicines than it would be otherwise, but in a lot of ways their track records are terrible and the ones making the decisions neither need to or want to care enough to fix it.

        Ditto the government, for obvious reasons.

        Honestly, I do understand why people are skeptical of different aspects of the pandemic.  I have no time for those who say it’s a hoax or a worldwide conspiracy because that’s clearly not the case, but the messaging around what we should and shouldn’t be doing from one day to the next has often been terrible.  Part of that can’t be helped because we’re learning as we go, but there have been a lot of what I would call own goals on many fronts that have allowed misinformation to take hold.  It’s hard to tell people that there’s no consensus while simultaneously telling them to not question your decisions.  You can’t do that without losing a segment of them.

        For now, I’m happy with my decision to get my shots.  The potential risks absolutely worry me at times, but for me the choice to roll the dice on those instead of the virus knowing what it’s possible for us to know right now was a no-brainer.  I accept that this isn’t the case for everyone.  I may not agree, but I can respect the point of view so long as it comes from a place located somewhere on this planet (i.e. has nothing to do with magnets or radio chips). 🤦‍♂️

        1. Great Response, and we agree on everything there. Big Pharma has done a ton of damage to my family through opiates. Is it any surprise the majority of races not wanting to receive the vaccine are the same races Big Pharma attacked with opiates and drug coercion? These upcoming laws are basically just re-defining segregation. This is not me not calling you or anyone specifically racist by any means, but calling out how vaccine mandates will be a form of enforced systemic racism according to which races are choosing to get the vaccines and who will be effected most.

          To clarify; My family has a history of systemic abuse – and now our abusers are forcing us to get a vaccine which will force us to take booster shots for the rest of our lives, and ultimately prop up an unlimited income from the government to Big Pharma. They used to say it was for the better good, and now they’re saying it again. How is it that Canada just found these 700 dead children where the Government said it was for the better good, and now Canadians are doing it again with great pride. Beyond vaccine hesitancy, this breaks my heart. I don’t often use this as an argument because it’s personal and the individual doesn’t matter anymore.

          All in all I think we agree the key is to allow bodily autonomy. De fecto going to end up with side effects, and some of those will be lethal. During the COVID lockdown it was to save one life, but now we’re calling the ones who are forced to get the vaccine expendable. I don’t ask anyone to make a decision, and you’re not asking me. I thank you for that.

          Also just tossing it up there. I in no way want to shame anyone who gets the vaccine. Everyone should have the right to a choice and I’m very happy you were able to make yours. Risk:Reward is a personal choice 🙂

          1. We definitely don’t talk about race enough when we talk about these things. It’s not an aspect I can fully grasp, to be honest. I think I have more of a handle on it than a lot of people in my position being a person with a disability, but I’m also still a white guy in my 40s, so a lot of what has happened to people to breed the kind of mistrust that exists hasn’t happened to me. I can get it, but I can’t truly *get it*, if that makes sense.

            As for personal autonomy, I do support that…mostly. I do feel though that there are situations where it isn’t unreasonable for a person to be asked to give some of it up. If your job involves working with the vulnerable (old people, sick people, those with special needs), I feel your refusal bar ought to be much higher than maybe it should for back office guy who nobody ever sees and less people know what he does. For me it would be one of the sacrifices I make to best serve the people in my care.

  4. At least you’re being cautious. What burns me up are the people who don’t want the vaccine, but also want to mix and mingle with everyone, throw us all together and see who makes it out alive because they’re sick and tired of having no life. I’m sick and tired of having no life too, but I’d like to not get the virus because if I did, I might not have any life either…as in I might be dead. I have immune issues and I have had colds that have affected me way more than a cold ever should. I also worried over how to tackle the race issue. I understand on a basic level where that hesitancy comes from, but how can I, a white person who has never had that experience, tell someone who has that they’re wrong to be worried? And perhaps I was a coward in not addressing that one. All I know is from what I have read, which I’m sure is limited, there are a lot of people from marginalized populations who are getting hit way harder by COVID. I realize that this is a complex issue, and is about way more than some biological differences, it’s about systemic racism and not having access to the same things, but I guess I hoped that vaccination would benefit those groups too.

  5. Hey. I was curious about the point you made about autopsies of vaccinated people full of spike proteins. Was it this one?
    Are there more?

    I hadn’t had the time to read all of it, but it sounds like the story is this guy got his first Pfizer shot, and before he could get his second one, he wound up in the hospital with some severe diarrhea caused by colitis, which he had a history of having. Then his roommate came down with COVID, and he caught the virus from him. He had only had one shot so he hadn’t had a chance to have the vaccine’s full protection. They looked at 9 organs in his body, and yes 7 of them had virus in them, but I hadn’t seen that those virus bits came from the vaccine, although I only had time to skim. Those virus bits may have come from actual virus, since he was infected with the virus.

    I had always read that the furthest the MRNA goes is into a nearby lymph node, where it meets its demise, and the longest it can live is a few weeks, but maybe I haven’t seen the right things.

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