This Bud’s Not For You, Bud

As 2015 began to draw to a close and many of us were preparing to spend the holidays with our families, Bud A. Weisser was busy trying to break into a brewery. Really. And while that might have been chuckle worthy enough by itself, as fate would have it, Bud A. Weisser was kind enough to throw a bone to everyone who likes to laugh at the low hanging fruit by choosing of all breweries, the one where they make the beer that he’s an extra S away from being named after. Really.

Bud A. Weisser, 19, received summonses from police Thursday accusing him of first-degree trespassing and resisting arrest after he allegedly entered the Anheuser-Busch brewery property at 9th and Arsenal Streets, where the “King of Beers” is produced.
Police said Weisser abandoned his car after a crash about 6:48 p.m. and hopped the fence into a secure area of the brewery, where he struggled with security officers who had asked him to leave.

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  1. And just to keep the beer related coincidences…er…flowing, when I went to post this, I hit the save draft button by accident.

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