Where Did That Fifteen Years Go

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That is a short and very incomplete list of websites that the Vomit Comet is both older and slightly less popular than. I was going to make a MySpace joke here, but apparently it beat us online by a couple of months and is rumoured to still exist.

But yeah. Fifteen years. Not bad for a dumb little blog that most of the world wouldn’t miss were it to suddenly disappear tomorrow. Having said that though, thanks to everyone who would miss it. Whether you stop in every day, swing by once in a blue moon to see if we’re still alive or came around once, got mad about something and swore never to come back, we’re glad you’re here. All of you being here is the reason that we’re still here. That and we like the sound of our own voices, but whatever.

Thanks to everyone who has said nice things to me over the years that I really don’t deserve. Thanks to everyone who has said nice things to Carin over the years too. She does deserve them, because Carin is awesome. Thanks to everyone who wonders who the hell Matt is. He’s this guy, for the record. You should listen to his podcasts. They’re pretty good. They’re especially good because he doesn’t have to spell anything. Thanks to the people who send in jokes and stories and things. There are less of them these days because everything that used to go around by email goes around by Facebook now, but I appreciate the ones I do get even if I don’t use them all. And to the search engines that started obscuring all of the search queries, thanks for nothing, you tools. You killed “You Are Here?”, and I’m still not over it.

Here’s to another fifteen years, I hope.

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    1. And how many changes we’ve gone through.  Each of us has lived in four different houses since we started, for example.  Since sane people don’t move that much for no reason, think of the ground that covers.

  1. You know, I forgot to thank someone else for nothing when I thanked the search engines. I should have thrown a shoutout to Echo for not only destroying the comments section for years to come, but also for wiping out most evidence that we ever even had one.

  2. Fifteen years… and I’ve known you for fourteen and a half of those years. You didn’t thank Greg and I’m offended that you left him out. Were it not for him, y’all wouldn’t be so damn funny.

    1. He’s a good dude and I’m sure I should thank him for something, so thanks, Greg, ya crazy bastard.  But I must take umbrage with the idea that without him I wouldn’t be funny, hahaha.  He’s told me before that I created him.  I don’t really believe that.  If I did anything when we were kids it would be getting him to open up and not be as quiet and shy as he sometimes was.  The guy is naturally funny, and once he figured that out there was no going back.

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