Someone’s Not Happy. That Makes Me Happy

Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 10:14 am

I received this via e-mail today from our good friend Chris who was kind enough to contribute in more ways than he intended to the Q & A that we did down the page a bit. Here’s what the poor guy had to say.

Hey you prick. All I did was write in and ask a few questions which you guys had encouraged relentlessly. I don’t need your shit. Bringing me up time after time in the rest of that post was retarded of you. You two truley are homos. I still think this site is stupid. Guys with nothing better to do than write a public diary seems real cool to me. I ain’t coming back to this stupid site and i don’t think anyone else should either.
Kiss My Ass

Well, it’s good to know he cared enough to come back and see if we answered him. Which we did. And he seemed very complimentary, don’t you think? I mean he did say we were pretty cool for doing this, right? Chris seems like a good guy with a little pent up agression. I want you to repeat the following before writing us again, Chris. (since I know you’re reading, your kinda always comes back)

“3, 2, 1,
1, 2, 3,
What the heck is bothering me?”

Repeat that a few times and you’ll feel much better, I think. I mean if it worked for Carl Windslow while trying to do with that bad-ass Steve Urkell then I’m sure it can work for you, man. Be strong. I’m in this with you. I also think you need to find a better way to sign your e-mails. That wings on “Kiss My Ass” won’t fly very far when you write a cover letter for a job someday.

Kids, I ask you to keep Chris in your thoughts. He seems to be having a rough time. I’ll now take a page form his book and sign off though.

Piss Off Chris

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