Watch A Game, Man. (More on Roberts and Kovalchuk)

Last Updated on: 14th August 2013, 11:44 am

This was posted in response to my comments on Roberts and Kovalchuk. I believe it deserves to be here… you’ll see why in a moment.

Puck Talk

Gary Roberts vs. Kovalchuk….good comparison, but something’s wrong that I disagree with.
I’ll Roberts his due any day of the week, considering he’s a member of God’s Team In The National Hockey League. But Kovalchuk, from analysis from Pierre McGuire as well as Howard Berger of The FAN 6+0 both agree that Kovalchuk is a young Brett Hull.
I disagree Matt with your bashing of the young Atlanta Russian player who’s only 23, he’s got a long way to go to be even better. He can score, has a great shot and can one-time it like Hull and the other greats. Calling him GARBAGE is a little much. Ilya just stepped up his game because Dany Heatley is gone as well as this team is on an emotional high because of the unfortunete circumstances.
As far as Roberts is concerned, he’s 38 and we as Leaf fans, as well as hockey fans all know that he can’t play that style of crash-bang hockey every game. I think you’ve been hanging around Don Cherry a bit much.

And I think you’re an idiot.

Now, I have several things to say about this and it’s only up here because I didn’t want to make all you good people scroll down to the comment board to read it… Let’s begin, shall we.

There are two ways to address this. One is on a strictly hockey sense, the other is on an intelligence level. Just for shits and giggles, we’re gonna hit both. Hockey first.

Gary Roberts at 38 years old is twice the hockey player that Kovalchuk is RIGHT NOW. What I wrote earlier never questioned that Kovalchuk was a good player, because he is. I commented on his attitude. Pay attention, junior. Gary Roberts still goes out and crashes and bangs and goes hard to the net hard. Kovalchuk can shoot like a mad man and is faster than hell. But all the positives you said (great shot, one-time from anywhere and can score) leave out big parts of the game. Like, maybe passing or helping out on defense. The guy’s a floater. I could have 10 goals in the NHL right now too if I got to stand at cneter ice while my team mates fed me the puck and did all the work. I’ve yet to see him throw a hit or do an ounce of work along the boards. Roberts is a leader on and off the ice who 2 years ago single handedly carried his injury depleated team through the playoffs. Kovalchuk, well he has yet to get his team in to the playoffs even with Heatley’s help. it’s hard to compare because of talent levels on the two teams and the 2’s age differences, but it’s fact nonetheless. Let’s move on to the intelligence part of this arguement as thats where I’m most fumed after reading your post.

To be honest, that was idiotic. The Atlanta Thrashers are NOT on an emotional HIGH. A team mate died, fool. It’s an emotional time. You get an emotional high when you win the cup or score your 50th goal. Think about it. Second, you accuse me of spending too much time with Don Cherri. YOU LINKED TO TWO HOCKEY WRITERS. You don’t disagree with me, you agree with what you’re told on TSN. I don’t give 2 shits about Pierre McGuire. He’s entitled to his opinion and I am, mine. I don’t phone Pierre after his segments and tell him HE’S WRONG. Also, when I wrote my post. Did I ever try to say that Kovalchuk wasn’t a good player? In that post I simply said I hated him and Roberts was one of my faves. Reading your response makes me wonder if you even read my article cuz you didn’t touch on anything I said other than the word garbage which I stand by. He IS garbage. AS A PERSON. The points I brought up were about pumping a fist after an empty net or embarassing a young French team in international competition while representing your country. For my money. The two best players in the league right now are Todd Bertuzzi and Peter Forsberg. THEY DO IT ALL. Hit, defend, pass, score, stand up for team mates. I haven’t seen Kovalchuk jump in to a scrum yet to stand up for someone unless the guy had his back turned. You’re telling me my opinions aren’t mine, they’re Cherry’s. All I have to say to that in closing is this, and a few of you only will understand this. Man, you can quit questioning my OPINIONS and go back to posting Bob McKenzie’s Insider Reports into e-mails and sending them to everyone with your name on them claiming to be an Insider. Who’s ideas are those? With that.


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