Maybe This Is Matt’s University

Last Updated on: 21st November 2013, 02:16 pm

This is an actual Spam email sent to an actual person. If you’ve ever given even a second of thought to getting one of those quick and easy degrees, you might want to think again after reading this. Keep in mind, I have changed nothing about this message other than removing the list of people that it was sent to.

From: Christi Meadows <>

Reply-To: Christi Meadows <>

Subject: Hey How are you doing
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 11:27:16 -0600

Get a dergee from a natoinal unviesrity!

In just 2 yaers you can have a mastres dergee from a natoinal unviersity. A
better job, more inocme and a better life can all be yuors in just 2 years.
books to purhcase, no classes to go to, and no entarnce eaxms. Laern in your
own home at your own pace. We supply all the study materails, all you have
do is study and comlpete 2 tests per month. Call the nubmer below for more


Anybody want to take a crack at an English translation?

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