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Last Updated on: 17th October 2013, 03:31 pm

I heard this on the radio again this morning and I think it’s definitely noteworthy.

Scientists in Russia have successfully grown a new dick for a Russian, teenage boy. They graphed the skin and allowed it to grow off of his bicep.(try explaining that in the summer). The graph was a complete success as, miraculously, the body excepted the cells and allowed it to grow.

Last week the doctor’s were able to remove it from the arm and put it in proper place and it is responding in the same way that any other aritifically grown manhood would (however that is). Word is that it is as gooas normal and he’ll go on to live a normal life. Things will be good for the boy as well.

Oh by the way. If anyone is curious as to what happened to the boy’s original one-eyed Johnson, the reporters were good enough to tell us. It was fried clean off of his body when he urinated on what he quickly found out was an active electric fence. Keep that in mind, gents, next time you figure there’s no harm in pissing on someone elses property.

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