Leaf Trade Talks

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2013, 08:39 pm

Well it’s only a few weeks from trade deadline day and Maple Leaf fans, being what they are, are already talking trade. That’s not necessarily to say that there aren’t some moves to be made but people don’t evne think. It’s just like “Let’s trade our 5th round pick and Wade Belak for Rob Blake”. Well, while that would solve our defensive problems it’s never gonna happen.

I’m ashamed to admit it because I’m a huge Leaf fan… but too many Leaf fans are retards. Do you honestly think that the Leafs are the only team out there looking for a “horse” on defense to sure up their playoff drive. EVERY team that even still has a chance of making the playoffs is looking for that. Colorado had the best D in the league and still made a move to make it better!

The report that I’ve heard today is what spurred me to write this. On the table from Washington is a deal that would send Sergei Gonchar to the Leafs for Caro Colaiacovo AND Nik Antropov AND our first round pick next year! That’s RETARDED! Even more retarded is the number of people screaming “MAKE THE TRADE! MAKE THE TRADE!” I’m tellin’ ya. Leaf fans are dumb! I won’t take myself out of that group because I’m a Leaf fan… but there are some of us that stop and think first.

As soon as the name Gonchar was mentioned in the group of defenseman that would be available Leaf fans immediately assumed that that’s exactly what we needed and we should give up ANYTHING to get him.

Gonchar is a great offensive defenseman. If you only watch Leaf games and not any other games I’d say you’d compare him to a … Bryan McCabe. What’s that? Yup. Bryan McCabe. Y’know? That guy we ALREADY HAVE! Sure it would be nice to have another guy like that to work the point on the powerplay but if you run out and get him and his salary and give up the farm to get him what are you going to have left to spend/trade on a guy you actually need? Like Bob Boughner. I know he’s gone but that’s the kinda guy the Leafs need. A physical presence that will clear out his own zone and can shut down other teams top lines.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying DON’T get Gonchar. I’m saying don’t make the deal that’s on the table now. You give up two of your best young players a year after giving up Brad Boyes for Nolan and you’ll also give up your first round pick this year which will be another good prospect.

I know the Leafs are getting old and they need to go for it but as I JUST said… the Leafs ARE GETTING OLD! What happens when these guys retire and you’ve traded all your young guys? Does anyone remember the 80’s for the Leafs. Nothing but losses!

The Leafs need to make some deals but they need to do it by agreeing to pick up salary. They can afford that. They can’t afford to give up young guys. We’re already thin on those.

Antropov, Colaiacovo and first round pick? Fuck off! Would you like Stajan, Bell and Telqvist while we’re at it?


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