A Note to Anyone Planning a Campus

Last Updated on: 10th March 2014, 11:56 am

Hey Sparky, here’s a tip. The next time you’re building new buildings and renaming old ones, how about not giving three buildings on the same street the same person’s name? I’m serious. On this campus, we have a Macdonald Hall, which has been there for aeons, a Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, which has been there for a while, and then we had a building that had a nice original name, and now it’s called Macdonald Institute! And they’re all close to each other! Like jesus! How rich is Macdonald anyway? And can I have some dough too while you’re doling it out?

Seriously, I’ve gotten lost so many times because people think I’m looking for one Macdonald when I’m looking for another. Can we at least start calling one of them something like the Joe Macdonald center and the other Bob? Come on, let’s distinguish them somehow.

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