Don’t Ask Me Where That Is, I Just Drive By It Every Day

Last Updated on: 20th September 2016, 05:22 pm

Ok, where are these bus drivers’ heads? I get on the bus, but because I’m running behind schedule, I decide to instead of coming into the main place where the buses stop at the university, I’d go to a stop near where I was going since I heard that there was one. So I ask the bus driver to make sure. I said, “Do you stop near the Powel Building?” He says to me with a bewildered look, “I have no idea.” Bear in mind that this is a big building with signs that point at it saying Powell Building This Way. I decide to get on the bus anyway and tell him to start looking when he gets close to the Athletic Centre. Sure enough, as we aproach, he says, “Oh there’s a sign for it!” And this is a regular bus route. There were no detours, he travels it all the damn time. I have to wonder, what are these bus drivers looking at when they drive? If they don’t notice road signs as they’re driving on the…road, then what else are they missing?

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Hell, two different bus drivers who drive by it all the time had no idea where it was. One time I asked to be let off where all the residences are. Ya know, the big block of buildings that are residences. The response? “Where’s that?” How do you miss a whole set of residences?!?!?! And Steve posted about how one bus driver wasn’t even aware of a whole street! Holy zombification! I just hope that maybe today this bus driver was enlightened and knows where the Powell building is for next time…na, that’s being too hopeful.

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