People are Getting Weirder, or Is It Me?

Last Updated on: 21st April 2014, 04:19 pm

Yes, I’m alive. I just haven’t been very interesting these days, or seen anything interesting enough to write about…until yesterday. I’ve been having to take Babs to the vet because she developed a lump that had to be removed, and then I saw some smaller lumps and so we came back. Most people who come to the vet seem normal enough. But this one woman I saw yesterday had me laughing to myself for a while.

I’m sitting here, waiting my turn, and this shy woman comes up to the reception desk. “Um, excuse me. I have an older cat, and she has trouble grooming her…back end. And now she’s developing…dreadlocks. I’ve been trying to groom her, but she snaps at me. So I was wondering if someone here could groom her, and we could sedate her.”

Ok, I was with her, until the sedation part. They’re actually going to keep the cat over night, put her under general anesthetic, and groom her that way. Isn’t there an easier way? Couldn’t she just buy some kind of harness to keep her still? I can’t believe what people will do for their animals nowadays. Maybe that’s a good sign. Maybe it means people are getting richer and have more money to spare for these things. Or maybe people are falling off the deep end. Either way, it sure looked weird to me.

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