Rememberance Day Brawl

Last Updated on: 10th November 2013, 12:21 pm

So Thursday I head out with some friends for a little clubbing. Around 2:’ish the place is dying down and we’re starving so we decided to go across the street, loaded to the gills, to Denny’s for some early morning food. Over the course everyone’s buzz starts to die but we’re all still pretty happy. We finish our meals and head up to the front to pay. As we walk by a table with some people who appear to be like us, young loaded and hungry. But something’s different. Where the rest of us are wearing poppies, this chick’s wearing a poppy with the Nazi symbol through the center of it.

Needless to say, we’re disgusted. Words start to be exchanged between our group and theirs. It starts to get heated between Aaron and Chris and a few of them. My buddy Shane and I manage to get them shoved outside to avoid incident and just got the girls we were with to take our cash and pay.

So we think this is done. We’re outside waiting for our cab still pissed and still talking about it when the assholes come outside and start yelling again. Now I’m right with Aaron and Chris in principle, I’d love to just beat on these assholes. But they ain’t worth it. So Shane and I get in between them again andit looks like it’s calmed down and these people are walking away. I turn back to speak to another friend and when I look back Chris and Aaron are waking after them. So I take off after them and get ahold of Aaron. He tells me he doesn’t wanna do anything but he’s gotta back up Chris in case something happens. We get them reeled back in and everything dies down but it was looking pretty hairy there for a while.

It brings up an interesting debate though. I think the part that hurt the most in the whole thing was that no matter how disrespectful and disgusting what they did was, all those soldiers died so that they have every right to do it. It’s an interesting moral conclusion to have to try and come to. Half the 2nd World War was about tollerance, or a lack there of, so no matter how pissed off what these people did makes me, you have to tollerate or its almost like an additional slap in the face to everything they fought for. It was quite a moral delemma. Pound the retards, or respect the vets. When in doubt, go with the vet’s I suppose.

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