Drat! Foiled Again!

Last Updated on: 25th April 2014, 11:07 am

Wow, more people are coming apart than I thought. Ya know the old theory that tin foil hats would keep out penetrating mind-control rays from the government? Well, some of those who flew over the cuckoo’s nest flew into MIT. and actually put this theory to the test. Yes, people in the electrical engineering and computer science departments actually approved and did this study. I guess the $250000 piece of equipment they used to do it wasn’t busy, so they put aluminum foil hats on a few people, and directed radio frequencies either at their heads from outside the helmet, or from right on their heads especially for those who think there’s a radio in their teeth. They found out that the hats actually amplify the frequency bands used by the government according to the FCC, and think the hat theory was actually started by the government to increase mind control.

I really hope this was a joke study. It almost looks like one. But there’s that element of doubt. But if it’s true, to all the hat-wearing paranoids, way to go, you just invited Big Brother in.

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