Barby, Look what You’ve Done!

Last Updated on: 12th November 2013, 09:16 am

You may not have noticed this, but we’ve added a new link to the People who make us laugh section of the links area, leading to the website of Paul and Storm. Barby, as you would say, I blame you. Because of you talking about them, I’ve started downloading a bunch of their stuff from their website, and I now have their album, Opening Band.

Man they’re a goofy bunch. Who’d ever think of singing the Miranda rights in a song? Who’d make a bunch of theme songs for movies and then sing them like Randy Newman would? Who’d think of the sickest collection of jingles possible? Who’d write a balad of the death of a urinal cake? Who’d make a very sweet-sounding love song…and then fuck it all up? They would, that’s who. And they do a bunch more. There’s a couple songs on there that are just sorta there, but most of them had me on the floor. So in the words of their Randy Newman theme songs, “Go, Paul and Storm, Go! You’re my friend! … You’ve got a reason to live…”

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