It’s Just Wrong

Last Updated on: 20th November 2013, 03:11 pm

Alright, girls. So you know how most of you all have that one guy friend who’s a great guy? And who you really like and spend lots of time with… but you won’t date him? Ya. That’s WRONG! Because you see, if that guy is spending time with you – it means he likes you. I mean… really. Why else would he be so willing to put up with your… talking? Honestly. If a guy talks to you for more than like 10 minutes – it means he’s probably in to you. He’s putting in Quality time in the hopes that after all that time of putting in the Q.T. it may lead to the Booty. Meanwhile – you never have that intention.

You know what that’s like to a guy? That’s like him going in for a job interview and having the employer say “Wow – that’s a great resume! This is just great. You have everything we’re looking for, all the experience we want – you’re just perfect. But ya… we’re not going to hire you. We’ll probably hire someone with half your qualifications and that has a drinking problem. But wow this is a great resume. In fact we’ll keep this resume and use it to grade all other potential employees against it. Now um, I have a question. We won’t ever, under any circumstance, hire you – but is it okay if we call you from time to time to complain to you about the guy we do hire? Cuz you’re just great.”

It’s wrong! Cut it out!

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