Somebody Really, Really Loves Jonathan Coulton!

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2014, 04:15 pm

Oh my god this is funny. This guy, whoever he is, sat down, took all the titles of the things a week from Jonathan Coulton, whipped out the tune from The Presidents, and made a tribute to the Things a week. It’s kinda geeky, kinda funny, kinda shittily recorded, kinda got too many syllables, but ah damn, it just has to be heard. It even has solos that sorta sound like excerpts from Jo Co’s things. If you listen to it, after the ad finishes for the service hosting the file, turn the volume way up. Hopefully, this direct link will work, but if it doesn’t, the link to the lyrics has a link to the page where you can download the mp3, for as long as it sees the light of day. So grab it now! It’s hillarious!

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