I Didn’t Know You Were a Mute.

Last Updated on: 15th March 2020, 09:02 pm

I swear the strangest things happen to me when I’m out and about. Like this little gem for example. I’ll be standing at an intersection waiting for my chance to cross and not get killed. The time comes, andI’ll step off. Suddenly, without a word spoken, someone who I didn’t even notice beside me will have a firm grip on my arm!

Um dude. I appreciate you’re help, but if you don’t say a word to me, I have no idea what your intentions are. If I was a more jumpy person, I might think you were robbing me and start swingin’! I can’t even say all the ones who grab me without a word can’t speak the language, because when I say something like “What the hell?” I get very clear English spoken back.

Why do people feel the need to grab and try and drag me places? I mean, would they like it if random people decided to grab them and help them get into the store and across the street without provocation? Yesterday, the guy’s grip wasn’t so firm, so I was able to give him a little shove that was half accidental, half startled response and get him away. I appreciate the help, but please ask first before you decide to help me, and please, please, please, speak! With the number of creeps lurking around downtown anymore, I don’t take chances!

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