>Go Leafs Go!

>I can’t believe they lost another one. That’s 6 in a row now. I’m starting to think that these guys could find a way to blow a third period lead during a warm-up skate. Ridiculous, that’s all I can say.

Speaking of the Leafs, I went down to Toronto to watch them play Atlanta on Tuesday night. Believe it or not, this was actually my first time in the ACC. I sure am one pathetic Leaf fan. It was a great time other than that whole squandering a 2-0 lead by giving up 5 unanswered goals in the third thing, and I even came away from the experience able to give anybody else who has never been to a game some very important advice.

If you plan on eating or drinking anywhere in or around the Air Canada Centre, you might want to consider a bank loan.

Let’s break this down one more time, because I like making myself angry.

  • 1 third level obstructed view ticket where the view wasn’t really all that obstructed, $30.
  • 2 bottles [*not* pints] of beer at the Jack Astors near the arena, $6 each. You might as well double that because I bought a couple of rounds for the guy I went with since he paid for some food on the way down.
  • As you can see, we’re already running into a problem here.

  • 2 medium [*not* large] beers from whatever the name of that place on our level of the building was…I want to say the Icebox, damn near $20! I shit you not! And because I am in fact a fucking idiot, you can go ahead and tack another 40 to 60 dollars on to that figure right there.
  • 1 burger and fries, 1 burger with no fries and a pitcher of beer at Casey’s after the game, $37 and change plus tip. I’m sure it would have cost about that much at McDonald’s and there would have been no beer, but still…

Now that I sit here and look at these numbers again, it dawns on me that I probably should have asked at least one of those bartenders to kiss me. I’m not sure about any of you folks, but me, I’ve always liked a little bit of intimacy while I’m getting fucked.

I know the cost of having fun can be high sometimes and I definitely did have a lot of it, but Tuesday was one of those nights that reminded me why there are times when I voluntarily don’t get out much. I also know that there will more than likely be a few people who tell me that I need to live a little, and to them I say this. I live all the time, and I’d prefer to not have to do most of my living on the street because I can’t make rent. Call me crazy, but for some reason I’d rather be boring and warm than exciting and homeless.

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