Smart Dog? Dumb Master? Dumb Dog and Master?

Last Updated on: 26th November 2013, 01:06 pm

A Doberman Pinscher named Victoria figured out that she could turn on a stove, and after one showing of this new trick causing a minor fire, her master didn’t fix it so Victoria couldn’t get to repeat it. Victoria repeated it while her master was gone. Now her apartment is gutted.

Here’s a tip for ya. If you know woofy can turn on the stove, when you leave home, make sure woofy can’t get to the stove to turn it on! It’s as simple as that. I can’t figure out who’s dumber here. Is it Victoria for causing a fire once and not figuring out, “oo maybe I shouldn’t do that again.” or is it her owner, Caroline Wheeler, who was home for the first incident, so knew the dog did it, probably had to pay for the cleanup of the first fire damage, and never made sure that when she was gone, her dog was unable to get near the stove. I think Victoria was smarter, because I can’t expect her to make the connection between her flicking a switch and the fire because it probably took a while for the fire to happen. But she figured out how to turn on the stove! That’s pretty impressive. She survived the ordeal, and it seems her master has finally thought to prevent it. Now hopefully she doesn’t figure out how to turn on the iron!

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