What? I Need an Escape Route?

Before I write a big post about the holidays, I just had to write this down because, well, it belongs here.

Attention all dumbasses! When you decide it’s time to carjack someone, you might want to know where you’re going if you manage to steal their car. Otherwise, you might end up having to admit defeat by calling 911 and telling them you’re lost. That’s exactly what Claude King of Boca Raton, Florida, did.

After smashing through the driver’s window of an SUV that I guess he just had to have, and forcing the driver and all four of her passengers out by punching them, he then realized he had no idea where he was going. He turned south on the highway, hit a car, then turned north and hit another car.

When he got to Palm Springs, I guess he decided he was hopelessly lost. So he drove to a payphone, called 911, and said he’d like to turn himself in, if he only knew where he was. So they came and got him.

Ok, this story is just weird in so many ways. First of all, why would this guy choose a car with five people in it? His chances of succeeding are pretty low, and they can likely all identify him.

Second, why didn’t he, um, know where he was going?

And how in hell did he manage to drive around for so long in a car with a smashed driver’s window in it? They said he drove around all bewildered for about an hour. What the hell?

What else can I say, except, wow that’s weird.

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