What Are we Even Saying Anymore?

Last Updated on: 26th September 2013, 10:02 am

For some reason, certain words have caught my attention lately.

Some annoying guy with his mouth full of food was on the TV talking about some President’s Choice Cake. “It’s decadent!” he slurred through his chewing, which made me think. Isn’t it weird that the same word that means extravagant or indulgent also means decaying or deteriorating? Is that some kind of sign? I looked it up, and the same word does mean those two different things.

And what’s with this thing that people have for saying, “I’m a shopaholic,” or “I’m a chocoholic,” or I’m a workaholic?” Newsflash, people! An alcoholic is someone who’s addicted to alcohol. So unless chocohol, workahol, or shoppahol exists, congratulations, everybody, you just made words that make no sense! But somehow, they ended up in the dictionary. Pretty sad statement, isn’t it?

And here’s an expression that drives me bonkers. “word to the wise.” I don’t know, but usually when that expression is spoken, it’s not the wise one who needs the next words. It’s someone who just screwed up and is being told how not to repeat the same mistake. So shouldn’t it be word from the wise? But then I guess that would sound bad. So why wouldn’t “Here’s some advice” work just as well? Simplicity, people!

I don’t know why those specific things were in my head, and now that I’ve written them down, I look like some kind of anal English teacher. Am I weird?

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