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Last Updated on: 8th April 2014, 09:33 am

I’ve been meaning to write this post for the last two days, and I haven’t done it. Don’t i suck? It has no real focus, just another random hodgepodge of things that have been passing through my head. I don’t know whether people are bored when I do those or not. Sometimes I wonder. Hope not. In any case, off we go.

Well, I guess we got our winter. Fffff Brrrr! It’s cold out there! I went out yesterday and the wind tried to steal my breath. The seasons are so weird now. We get a little bit of hot, a little bit of cold, and a lot of the middle. It’s so weird.

For some reason, I got thinking about words, and two expressions popped into my head. Did you ever think it’s weird when people say, “I haven’t heard boo about that,” or “He was very quiet. He never said boo.” Do people walk around saying boo all the time? Where did that come from?

Or, people say, “Mum’s the word on that.” Well, in trying to make sure I had the spelling correct on that one, I got an answer! And you know what? It makes sense! It means seal your lips, so the only sound that can come out is mmm or mum. Apparently it came from Shakespeare. Cool! Ya learn something new every day!

For some odd reason, the other day I got thinking about the long trip from home to Grandma’s, and how we pass through an area of small towns starting at about Griffith where you can get no radio reception, I guess because it’s so rocky. No cell phone, no radio, nothing. This made me wonder what the people in those towns do for information. I mean, the radio is where you can get local news, news about bus cancelations, all that stuff, and they can’t get radio. How do they get their little small town news? I’m sure they have a newspaper, but sometimes you need more timely updates than that. I mean, how many people get the weather from the radio in the morning before they go to work?

I saw something yesterday that shook me to the core and proved, no, bashed the point home, that we humans are stupid! S t u p i d! There was this documentary on about market research and such. Just to prove a point that people can be manipulated into agreeing with anything if you just ask the right questions, they made up some fake questions to ask random people in New York. Do you wanna know what they were? They claimed that Nolton Nash was a woman who wore flashy clothing and used offensive language on TV, and asked their opinions on this TV personality. Without hesitation, these people tried to sound like learned folk who knew everything about this Nolton Nash woman, and either liked her or disliked her, thought she was awesome, beautiful or offensive. Newsflash, everybody. You’re all stupid! Nolton Nash is an old man! The best was when they asked them what they thought of her cohost, John Kastner, and whether *she* was beautiful. Without missing a beat, people said, yeah well she’s ok. She? John? I know that names are getting unisex these days, but a woman named John? I don’t think so! At first I thought maybe he had said Joan, but no,it was in fact John.

Later, they made up a politician and asked people’s opinions on him. Again, people had strong opinions about this fictitious character. I would hope that, if I got asked questions about someone who I didn’t recognize, I’d say “Gee I can’t give an opinion, I’ve never heard of him. I’ll have to google him.” or something. I wouldn’t just spout off about him hoping to be right. Is that what it is? People want to be right even if they know nothing?

Even scarier was when they had people drinking coke spiked with tobasco sauce or cake that had cayenne pepper in it and they still said it was mm mmm goood! What is wrong with people? Do they just want to please the people running the survey? Do they truly have no opinion, so agreeing seems like the safest choice? Ug! We’ll be zombies soon. Save me!

I don’t know why this commercial bugs me so much, but it does. Any guys who read this are now probably going to run for cover with my next words. I see this commercial for this kind of sanitary pad that’s supposed to have a wipe packaged with each pad, so you can clean yourself every time you change it. Ok, why do we need more garbage? Does everybody need to sanitize themselves that much every time they change them? If you feel that nasty that you just need to be clean, have a shower! Ug. I worry a little more every time I hear something else that says, “And when you’re done, just throw it away!” Why are we making more things to throw away in a time when we’re supposed to be making less garbage? Pads are already getting thrown away. Why attach another disposable thing to them? Plus, I wonder what kind of chemicals are in those wipe things. That freaks me out on its own.

And here’s something I meant to write about for a while. On one of the world junior hockey games, as background music, Steve heard this song! Matt, run away, run away quickly. What is this song? Where is it from? Karine, are you still reading? You might know, because the game was in Sweden, I think. So what is it? I really really really wanna know! I can’t very well type dagga dagga doodoo into google and get a result.

Sometimes there are hidden advantages to not having a party you planned to have. Like, Christmas lasts a hell of a lot longer! Usually, when we have our little New Year’s dealy, we exchange gifts. So since we didn’t have that, we’re sending our gifts in the mail and our friends are mailing us stuff. I feel like a bit of a loser that just yesterday, I sent out gifts to a couple people. We had the stuff, I just hadn’t gone to mail it yet. But I felt like much less of a slow poke because I just got a package from one of them today. Way cool! Much love to packages!

Screech…Put put, sputter sputter. I think this train has chugged to a stop. Hope it was fun.

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