Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 7

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 10:17 am

It’s Saturday. Yesterday ended off on a strange note. Amy, Jill, Autumn and I went to the instructors all for different reasons to complain about David. I think we upset them because we didn’t seem to be following the communication protocol because we were all in there together, seemingly conspiring against him. But it really wasn’t that. It was more that we’d all seen things, we had talked to David about them, and he just didn’t care. So Autumn and I didn’t want to be the only ones going in there. Plus we really don’t like the way he plays with Maylee. Apparently he’ll grab her paw and twist it around behind her head until she whimpers. And he made Maylee jump on Amy’s bed. Dynamo is black too, so it looks like Amy put her on the bed and Elizabeth, the one who cleans, hates that. So we all had a meeting. Audrey was mad that we were all in there, but we had to do it this way. At least I felt like we had to. So they took notes and they’re having a meeting about David today.

Did I mention how Trixie only seems to want to play with Beauty’s things because they’re beauty’s? Silly girl.

So anyway they said we’re all supposed to stay away from David. So this morning, we all sat on the couch together so he couldn’t sit with us.

When we left the meeting we found Carmen at the piano. She was making a song for all our dogs! What a doll! She’s such a show business kind of girl. She said she’d try and hook me up with these people in Toronto who do shoots and give them tech advice on how to be blind. Sweet! She’s cool. Anyway, she’s working on this song with all our dogs’ names in it. So that was the end of last night.

This morning we were taught the basic route so we can do it independently. We had obedience stuff with doggy and toy distractions, arg! We met another instructor. She’s a float and her name is Carrie, not sure of the spelling. She’s very quiet, more like an O and M in a way, very serious. That’s cool.

At obedience, Mike was late. Can we guess why? He seemed very grave at relieving. Then David didn’t go with us downtown but we just thought it was because he was sick. We did our route,and she missed more curbs! Which makes me ancy, but it will pass…hopefully. Not Babs stuff again. Then we got back on the bus, and Mike got on and told us that for a million reasons, David was kicked out. So, yeah! He’s gone!

Alrighty, off to lunch, Trixie’s been chomping on her bone a whole bunch.

Lunch was good, a beef stew and a chocolate eclaire. Mmm. Frank tried it for the first time, and he was very much a fan. It’s good to see him in better spirits.

After lunch I groomed my baby. She loves it. I love when we’re in the downtown lounge and she snuggles up and sleeps by Val. It’s so cute. they sleep head to head, while Carmen calls me Twinks and works on the computer. She’s met the guy who plays Victor on The Young and the Wrestless and she says he’s an asshole. She has all these pictures of people who she’s met. Pretty cool lady. I guess her husband died. She’s about the same age as my dad.

Did I mention the grooming supplies we got last night? Two kinds of toothbrush, doggy toothpaste, a zoom groom, a slicker and a comb. I think that’s about it. Pretty cool grooming kit. They think of everything.

This afternoon we do Juneau so we can rework errors and such. Then I think we just discuss some basic rules for visitors etc for tomorrow, all that jazz. Can you believe it? I’ve been here a week? Wow. That’s amazing.

So this afternoon we learned about reworking errors. It’s not that confusing, just degrees. If they just miss it, you gently bring them back and say careful, but if they blow by, the no gets stronger. It’s really weird to praise her after you’ve brought her back to where you want her, but it makes sense.

Tomorrow I learn how to massage a puppy. Yea puppy massages. Tonight we learn how to clean woofer teeth. Ooo! Woofer teeth.

My dog does not like tug rings. Boohoo. Cong for you.

Oh, Frank knows sign language. Add that to the list of languages he knows.

I’m nervous about next week. They’re cutting back on the help. This is good, but scary. Am I ready to lose some of it?

Trixie’s just done something really weird. She jumped at my dresser! That was weird! She also likes to gnaw on her toenails. She looks like she’s chewing her nails in worry. It’s hillarious, but I might ask about it in case it’s anything to worry about.

I found out her poop wasn’t just watery, it was bloody! Aaa! But they say that’s normal. Ok. They say she may have caught a bug from another dog or from the kennel. But they say they’re looking better.

Did I mention we’re working the dogs out to the relieving circle and then taking the harnesses off? I don’t feel like such a lost sheep because A. I know where I’m going, and B. I can walk forward quickly and just wait for the instructors to tell me to stop. They’re wonderful. I don’t know how they handle us all so well. I feel like I’m just one of their dogs in a way, they just gently tell us when we’re wrong, and you can tell if you repeat the same mistake, because they amp up what they say. It’s hillarious. I’ll finish this one later. We have pizza for dinner. Then it’s teeth cleaning.

I’ve got other people calling that stealthy crawl across the floor that dogs do that sort of looks like they’re sprawling, but they’re actually sneaking towards something oozing. Babs used to do it and dad called it oozing, and now I have other people calling it that. Trixie is a bit of an oozer. Not as bigtime an oozer as Babs though, partly because I don’t let her, and partly because she just isn’t.

I feel like my brain is saturated. And this is just the first week. I wonder if I can absorb the basic route. I know it’s basic, but there’s so much to think of. I’m definitely going to have to have a look at it. I know I have it straight when I’m coming back. I feel saturated and unable to speak to people who aren’t here. It’s not because of snobbery or anything, I just feel I can’t get the message across because I’ve lost the ability to speak clearly because my mind is so full of stuff. So if you talk to me on the phone and I don’t seem to have a lot to say, it’s because I’m A. tired, B. having trouble stringing words together or C. both.

Aaa! David is in the computer room. He’s mad! They’re making him pay his way home! He’s mad, mad because he feels that Mike should have proof of what he’s done. So 5 people complaining about him isn’t enough? That’s half of his fellow classmates! Actually 6 of his classmates had a problem with him. But he’s mad and somehow he missed hearing that I was involved. Very bizarre. He blames Autumn for this. Uh-huh. It’s all Autumn’s fault. Forgive me for not having the spine to stand up and say actually I was involved and this is why.

One of the food servers called me a bad boy today. That was funny. A bad boy. I said I wanted to be bad and have dessert and she said, “You bad boy!” So I’m now a boy.

It’s almost time for teeth cleaning. Poor Autumn had her first breakdown. Poor girl. Trixie and I tried to console her a bit.

Tried to brush her teeth. Ug! It took everything just to get the brush in there, let alone the toothpaste. At least you just shove it in one side and then the other and that’s it. And here I thought I had to get each tooth and do it like ours. Thank god it’s not that way.

I think that’s it. I’ll try again at the computer. Let’s hope David’s not there.

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